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   Photo Tour Testimonials and Guestbook Comments:



“It was the highlight of our trip - wish we did it Day 1”

We did this fantastic tour on the last day of our stay. Dan, our guide was phenomenal and was a large reason the tour

surpassed expectations (even though those expectations were the #1 tour on tripadvisor). He showed us great local

eateries, hidden beaches that rival no other as well as the standard tourist spots on the North side of the Island. Our

only regret was doing this on the last day of our stay.


The camera shop was extremely knowledgeable as well as friendly and is great with beginner photographers. They

have cameras available for rental as well as polarized lenses for purchase (a must for this tour). We can't wait to

come back and do the hike tour.




“Matt was what made the trip for us.”


We took the photo hiking tour Oct 6 and we were not disappointed. Everyone in the shop was friendly and helpful and

the day was a huge success. Matt was very knowledgeable regarding Kaua'is history and had plenty of interesting facts.

We saw some amazing places that we would not have known to even look for. He also gave us excellent advice as to

what to see next and where to go for different things we wanted to see and do while we were there. One of the places

he recommended to us was where (to my surprise) my boyfriend proposed to me and there could not have been a more

perfect place. We highly recommend you spend the day with these people, it was a wonderful and fun day. (Thanks

Michelle, for helping us when we called you few days later, and to Matt for catching up with us in Kapa'a on his day off.

You guys are part of our history now :) Virginia and Jim



“Engaged in Kauai -- Memorable experience”

We took a photography tour in January 2011 with our tour guide, Levi. Levi was AWESOME! We felt completely comfortable

with him and ended up having a blast. What I didn't know was my fiance had worked with Michelle to plan a whole proposal

experience complete with champagne and leis. Levi took us to several local beaches so we truly got to experience Kauai in

it's element. Our engagement pictures are BEAUTIFUL -- We wouldn't change a thing! Thank you a million times over!!



“Great Time, Great Photos”

We took the drive and walking tour with Levi on a beautiful day in September and had a great time. Levi is very entertaining

and also taught us a lot about this beautiful island and its residents. This is not meant as an instructional tour but if anyone

needed help Levi was happy to oblige. He made sure that everyone was getting good shots and helped a couple with settings

for their new camera, for which they were extremely grateful. You do not have to have an expensive camera - I have a good

quality point-and-shoot and my husband took his video camera. The point of the tour is to see (and photograph) beautiful

places on the island that are off the beaten track, and we certainly did. Snacks and drinks are provided on the tour and there

is a lunch stop for authentic Hawaiian food (but if that isn't your thing, you can have a basic sandwich). Staff in the office were

also very friendly and helpful. A terrific tour - highly recommended.



“Best way to see Kauai, capture some great photos while having a lot of fun.”

My husband and I had the best time on this tour! Everyone was fantastic. Michelle the owner is friendly and helpful and got

us outfitted with one of their cameras along with a polarizer for my camera so we were all set. Matt our guide was so fun and

knowledgeable. The day flew by but now we have great pics to treasure forever plus picked up some good photography tips.

Can't recommend this tour enough! We hope they expand and start having tours on other islands.





Thank-you Vince, Michelle and Dan our tour guide! We took the Hiking Photography Tour. This was an awesome and very

personal way to see Kauai. We had only 2 days for a quick visit and this was definitely the highlight. Dan was easy going

and fun, loved to talk! And drive! He was very sweet and patient in how he encouraged our 18 year old daughter to use her

fancy camera and take better photos. The hike was what we are used to so it was easy. The trails were manageable and

only one or two opportunities to get your feet wet and slip (and fall!?). But yes you need to be able to hike slippery trails

with roots, rocks and rivers, beaches and waterfalls. Lunch was fun in a funky place in Hanalei. I am so glad I got to see

 parts of Kauai we could never have seen on our own. Worth the price!!




“First day on Kauai”

We spent 6 hours on a private tour of the east and north coast of Kauai with the guide/photographer Matt and we had a

fantastic time. Matt had a pre-planned itinerary, and we were able to make changes however we wanted. As it turned out

we didn't, because Matt took us to less well-known places that were fantastic (waterfalls, beaches, rocky shores, mountains,

etc.). Matt answered every question I could think of about photography, giving advice on equipment, composition, camera

use, and lighting. He was patient, informative, and funny; he was also very knowledgable about the island and the local



Michele went out of her way to schedule the trip on a Sunday because we had so many constraints, and she was in the

office when we left and returned. Cheerful, funny, and helpful!

If I had another free day on the island I would have loved to spend another day touring the island with Kauai Photo Tours.

They're fantastic!!



“Photos worth framing.”

My wife and I took the tour and have so many great photos that we are having a tough time choosing which ones to hang

on the wall. The guide was really helpful and very fun to hang out with. We had a wonderful time.




“A 'must do' when you're in Kauai!!!”

We took a photo tour with hawaiian photo tours a week ago, it was worth the money. Our guide was a qualified photog-

rapher (not all companies have qualified photographers), & he was very knowledgeable about the island aswell as

teaching us about our cameras & angles etc. It doesn't matter how good you are with a camera, if you know nothing

about photography or if you are an amateur photographer, you will learn something & it's a good way to see the island.

We would highly recommend going with this company, we would certainly go back to them if we go back to Kauai.




“Portrait Tours - our best choice on Kauai!”

My husband and I reserved one scenic and one portrait tour a few months before we went to Kauai and already on the

phone with one of the owners, Michele, I were amazed over how welcome she made me feel.

After a bus tour with another tour operator where my back problems gave me problems with the seats and the stairs

in the bus, we decided to cancel the two tours. We didn't gave a special reason when we canceled but Vince, one of

the owners, cared enough to ask why. I told him and they were very helpful to find a solution so that we could take the

tours. We decided on a private scenic tour and portrait tour.


At their shop we met Michele, she is professional yet very friendly. She advised on what equipment we should have to

 get the most out of photos taken on Kauai. We followed Michele's advice and bought a circular polarizer filter which

made a huge difference on the photos we took with our private camera.
Our first tour was the portrait tour with Levi, the photographer on our tour, he did an excellent job. It showed that he

enjoyed what he was doing. He made us feel relaxed and comfortable and helped us to pose in a natural way, he made

 it so much fun. He took us to some wonderful places at the south side where he took pictures that captured us exactly

who we are and in wonderful scenic beauty. He also gave us many useful tips about photography when we took pictures

ourselves at the locations.

We were so pleased when the tour ended that we changed the next tour, the scenic tour, to a portrait tour and of course

with Levi. This time on the east and north side. We were equally satisfied this time, he made the tour incredible wonderful

and the photos are fantastic and professional. We couldn't have asked for better memories!

We gave them a challenge by taking yet another portrait tour. Levi took us to several another wonderful places on the east

and north side. Even though we have had two tours before he took us to places we hadn't seen before.

On those three portrait tours we saw so much more of Kauai than we would have done on our own, and the memories are

Levi is professional and very friendly and he goes those extra miles to make the tours memorable and easy. Nothing is a

problem that can't be resolved. He has also taught us to look at nature in a different way. He gave us an experience that

we will remember for a very long time.

A huge thanks to Michele, Levi, Chris and Vince that all provided us with the best moments on our vacation!

We can't strongly enough recommend Kauai Photo Tours, they are great! Try them - you won't regret it!

Liv & Geir




I took the tour on September 5, 2011. I really enjoyed seeing some of the "off the beaten path" locations. My tour guide,

Matt Freers, was not only knowledgeable about the island of Kauai, but entertaining and instructional. The 5 hour plus tour

for me was worth every penny. Do yourself a favor, make your tour reservation in person. Michele, the owner, was inviting

and made sure I had all the proper equipment I needed to ensure I got the most out of the tour. I felt very welcomed by

Michele and her staff. Michele suggested a couple of locations that are not on the tour for me to shoot. Her directions

were spot on and I got some additional amazing shots. I highly recommend taking this tour. It's for all ranges of photog-

raphers, from beginners to advanced. Enjoy the beauty of Kauai, from the poeple who who know it best.




“One of the BEST things we did on vacation”

Wife starting to get into photography & saw ad for these folks in tour guide. What a great experience ! Our guide

Dan is a professional photographer & seems to know everyone & everything to do in Kauai. An outstanding gentleman -

so much valuable information & exceedingly helpful in helping us take photos we'll forever treasure. Do this tour EARLY

on your vacation - you'll enjoy Paradise so much more ! ! !



“Absolutely a must when visiting Kauai.”

Went to Kauai for our honeymoon and we took the driving/hiking tour with Matt. Matt took us to some places that we would

have never found in any guide book. Only a local guy would be able to take you to these spots. As an photographer Kauai

is just heaven, but the spots you are taken to, just puts it up another notch. Vince, Michele, Levi, Matt and whoever else I

missed, thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

I love my photos. =]

P.S. Jumping into a waterfalls is such a thrill. Trust me Matt will show you. =)

Nelson & Carelle Judan
New Jersey




“Great Photos and a Fun Ride”

Had a lot of fun taking the walking photo tour! Saw a ton of great views and learned a lot about Kauai and stuff while in the van.

My tour guide was Levi and he was a lot of fun and was very helpful with photo stuff and even just general info about the island.

He pointed out some famous movie spots just off the highway and even taught our group the proper way to eat poi, which they

don't teach at the luau!

Would definitely recommend this excursion and the cherry on top was where we stopped for lunch - awesome hawaiian style

pulled pork!!! But I'm not gonna tell you where - you have to take the tour!



“Fantastic way to spend my first day on Kauai”

I spent the first day of a 3 week vacation on the Kauai Photo Tour drive/hiking tour. I love taking photos and have a digital SLR camera

but certainly wouldn't describe myself as more than a novice. Our tour guide was Levi and he was great and provided lots of local

knowledge about the island. The tour commences from Kapaa and headed up the East and North coasts, Levi took us to lots of

fabulous locations which even with all the guide books I wouldn't have been able to find. He provided lots of useful information like

where and how to take good shots and was very helpful in answering any photography questions you may have had. I really enjoyed

meeting and interacting with the other people on the tour and 'talking' photography all day. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone,

you will have a great day!!


“A top highlight of my vacation!”

My husband and I took our Kauai Photo tour on August 19, 2011. I have a nice camera, but am a novice, and my husband was interested

 in film photography, but hasn't had time in years to pursue the hobby. He was able to rent a Nikon for the tour from the shop. Michelle, one

of the owners, greeted us and was friendly and helpful. Our tour guide was Dan, and though we had a day with intermittant rain, our tour was

fantastic. Dan was more than willing to help me learn more about my camera and offer tips, and had a wealth of knowledge about Kauai

which he was generous in sharing. Our only regret is that we took this tour late in our stay. We highly recommend this for anyone who has

any level of interest in photography, or who just wants to see some of the most beautiful scenery on the island with friendly guides.



“Absolutely worth it.”

If you are in Kauai, do this & do this probably on one of your first day. Whether you are into photography or if you just want to scout locations

for all the other days in your trip these fine folks will take care of you. If you think Kauai is all about the beach at your hotel, you are definitely

missing things.

Here are some of the pictures from my trip with these guys.


Here are some other useful details

1. The usually take you in a White Van : I think it's a 2008 Ford E350
2. They have water + snacks on board
3. There is not much to see during the ride
4. The guides are really very nice, they earn the $$
5. They may push a polarizer to you but that is about it.
6. The locations that they take you to, even if you knew where they were you could not do it all in a day.
7. They will stop for lunch at a fun place with cheap food

All the guides are nice - Matt, Levi all of them. Have fun, expect great locations this is not 5 star service but 5 star locations so set your expectations right.

  • Visited August 2011




 “The sights that you can only see in professional photo books.”

5 of 5 stars

 This tour takes you to the sights that you can only see in photo books. We attended the Drive and Hike

 tour. It was pretty much all day long (10:30-5pm). We started out the morning with 20 mins of walking and

 taking pictures. We arrived at a cool waterfall with many different flows of water. Lovely scene. Great for

 those photographers who want to "play" with the water's appearance in photos. After that we started with

 the real Kauai locations. Beaches, waves, ocean, rock/cliffs, mountains, and all the breath taking views that

 I've never seen in person before. Some were from above, for great wide angle shots, and others were on the

 beach. These are the views that I believed only existed through major photo editing. I couldn't believe that

 these were naturally this beautiful. I've attached a few unedited photos go give you an idea, these aren't

 even the best ones! I'll let you experience those yourself :)

 The Guide (Matt) WAS AMAZING!!!!! Best guide I've ever had on a tour. (I've never had said that about any tour

 guide before.) He understood our needs as a group and catered to our group. From what I understand, they keep

 their groups small so you wont get "lost in the group". We needed some walking sticks for the hikes and he hacked

 some for us with his machete. He noticed we loved the ocean shots with different shades of blue; he took us to a

 few extra smaller spots that we would enjoy instead of the normal locations. Matt did a great job connecting with us

 and was a lot of fun. Felt like a friend by the end of the trip. Even cut us up some fresh coconut. This was my first

 time with this company; second for my friends. They only have positive things to say, enough to do their tours again.

 Bring the telephoto and wide angle lens. Rent a DSLR if you don't have one. You wont regret it. They wont let you down.

 Great company. I hope to get my parents out here so they can experience what I've experienced.



“Fantastic Kauai photo tour!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 24, 2011


As a 38 year resident of Kauai, and a photographer, I was thrilled with this tour of our island! My sister- in -law found

Kauai Photo tours on the internet and invited me to join her on this tour. What a wonderful, fun day we had! Levi , our

guide, truly impressed me with not only his knowledge of the true essence of Kauai, but his true love of photography.


We went to awe inspiring places, took amazing photos, had a Hawaiian lunch, got some exercise, and enjoyed the

company of the others on our tour. I work in the travel industry and have been thrilled to share this activity with my

guest!! I have to say it is one of the very best island tours that I have been on! Guide Levi-awesome, very comfortable

van, snacks , fun, laughter and you will go home with photos that will make you look like a National Geographic



Mahalo for such a great day!

Deborah DuBois Walker



“This should be the No 1 attraction/MUST DO when in Kauai!!!!!”
5 of 5 stars

What an incredible opportunity!!! Don't miss out on this! Out of all the places we went, events we attended, this was

BY FAR THE BEST!!! Even better than the Helicopter trip! Michelle went out of her way to accommodate us, even made

an exception so we could do the trip. The web site has a very accurate description of the types of trips offered. She

promised sights/photo opportunities that were off the beaten path and that we had probably not discovered. She

delivered on that promise. The trip took us from the East side to the North side of the island. Scott was our guide, and

what a gift that was. He was wonderful! The places he took us were awe inspiring. He was very helpful, and encouraging.

We did the light hike and I am not very fit. One path was steep, and took me a while to get back up the hill. He stayed

with me, told me not to worry, no hurry. "Just want you to have a good time." We couldn't believe it when the 5 hrs were

up. I took 400 pictures. Having a camera with a polarizing lens would be a plus. I would love to do the private tour next time.

You won't regret taking this trip




“Best Beginning To My Dream Vacation”
5 of 5 stars

No tsunami scare can keep us away from Kauai! The best way to see Kauai is with the locals. Michele and her

great team made my first day in Kauai a huge success. Matt picked me up at my Marriott palace and gave me

amazing info on local shopping etc. Michele and everyone are genuinely friendly and funny. Scott was our guide

and he took excellent care of us and even convinced me to eat poi the correct way...It was delicious mixed in with

the pork at our lunch stop at the authentic Kauai lunch spot "Hanalei Taro & Juice Co." open Noon - 3pm. Scott

was professional and helped us with our shots and took beautiful pic of us with the amazing Kauai backdrop of

beaches and waterfalls. He is the owner's son and knows the secret spots and he answered all our questions

about photography and the island.


 My 2 young children stayed at the resort but they were on my mind as Scott advised me where to take them

some beaches are very dangerous and even some of the spots I wanted to take them may have some sketchy

safety issues (Queens Bath) at this time of year...the tour guide pictures were probably taken in the calm moments

in the summer but this time of year can have unpredictable waves. Scott taught me to NEVER PUT YOUR BACK

TO A WAVE...He came up to a couple of us on some lava rocks near splashing water and warned us that people

have been swept away where we were standing and not 2minutes later a huge wave came up (where I had been

standing) and crashed onto the rocks...My camera and I would have been soaked and/or tossed onto the rocks

(best case scenerio)!! Thanks for taking such great care of us...I wish the tour was longer but it was well worth

the money!

The photos I took will last a lifetime as will the memories of this tour. Thank you for making the start of my Kauai

vacation a special one!




“A Great Excursion that is so much more than just photography”
5 of 5 stars

When I saw this tour on Tripadvisor, I knew I wanted to do this, however, I was concerned that the other 3 people

in my group would not have enjoyed it. It was everything that I had hoped for and more and I think everyone else

in our group liked it more than I did. Although the weather was overcast (which helped with the lighting) and then

it started to rain halfway through the tour, we still had a blast. Levi was our guide and did everything possible to

make sure we saw some great sights, got great photos, and made sure our safety was put first (despite Levi's

bowling injury, he was able to safely drive the van around...that's an inside joke). Levi gave me some great photography

tips which really helped out with my picture taking the rest of the trip. I not only got some great pictures on this tour,

but thanks to Levi's tips, I got some incredible pictures in the remaining 12 days we were in Hawaii. Thanks Levi

for the great tour!




“And I thought I knew all of the Photo Opportunities on Kauai”
5 of 5 stars


It was such an enjoyable and fulfilling day with Damon on the Kauai Photo Hiking Tour. There were 5 in our group

and plenty of time to shoot. Starting at Donkey Beach and thru Hanalei, we were provided with sites and scenes

that we never would of been able to find on our own. I took over 500 photos and know that I will have many winners

from the group. Especially the "200" one I pointed out to Damon. Do not miss this opportunity if you have a day in Kauai.



“Painting and Photo Tours are both outstanding!”
5 of 5 stars



I took the EZ photo tour with Scott as our guide while my 15 yr old daughter took the painting tour with Michele. Michele

was great right from the first phone call. She was very sweet and described everything in detail. I felt very comfortable

"leaving my daughter" in her care. They went to a nearby beach and spent 5 hours there painting and swimming with

a break for lunch. Michele provides all the art supplies you need to create your own "masterpiece" in oil, acrylic or

watercolor with several choices of canvas size. My daughter came home with a beautiful painting which we plan to

frame and hang in our house. She absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat, she said.

On the photo tour, there were six of us in the group of varying experience. Scott took us to the most amazing places,

most off the main road, that I would never have found on my own. He lets you have plenty of time at each site and will

give you tips on angles to shoot. He'll answer your photo questions too although it is not a formal learning workshop.

Scott was also full of information about the area and will give you tips on good restaurants, etc, if you ask. If we

wanted to stop to snap a shot on the way, he was willing to do that too. This was my favorite tour of the week (better

than the snorkeling tour even!) I wish that I had done the tour early in the week so I would have known which beaches

to go to! You don't have to be a professional photographer to love this tour. You don't even have to have a DSLR--you

can rent one and Michele will burn you a dvd. There was even one guest with a point and shoot. If you want to see all

the hidden beauty on Kauai, take this tour. You won't regret it!




“This is a tour you don't want to miss.”
5 of 5 stars


This full day photo tour along the coast of Kauai was enjoyable and informative. We were guided through the use of the

camera we rented, taken to remote sights and landmarks and and given the opportunity to take as many photos as we

chose. Anyone can take wonderful shots with the equipment and advise offered. The groups are small and personal

and we were given insights to life on the island by our guide, Levi, and had a local Hawaiian lunch on the way. The

website describes the experience well and outlines everything from what to wear and bring to guiding the tourist to

the experience and activity level desired. If there was a down side it was the weather but the occasional showers gave

way to sun, shade and wonderful cloud formations.




“Absolutely the best and most fun in 12 visits”
5 of 5 stars


This was the twelfth visit that my wife, her sister ,brother inlaw and I have been to Kauai. In the past eleven you feel

like you have photographed every plumeria, beach, luau, and chicken on the island. We wanted something different

this year! My wife was looking through one of the many booklets at the airport and said "How about a photo tour"?

We called Kauai Photo & Arts Tours located at 4939 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, (next to Taco Bell) and spoke to Michelle.

I said we wanted to take photos of places we had never been! To the beaches and waterfalls the locals go to that

the tourist doesn't see. She felt like Scott the photographer and tour guide could fill the bill so we set up a day and

time to meet. There are three levels of tours and we chose a private tour.


Now I'll cut to the chase! It was the Best and Most Fun that my brother in-law and I have had taking pictures since

the first time we came to the island! Scott determined we could hike some and so we did . To the most breath taking

and beautiful vistas and beaches and secluded spots we had ever seen! Scott would ask if the hike was too hard,

or if we had already been to this or that place? He really wanted us to be satisfied and we were both more than satisfied .


The tour supplied water, soft drinks and snacks and we stopped off for a burger around noon . Our tour was well over

5 hours long and well worth the money. Now I'm back in Texas, and that everyday life. But when I look at the new places

I got to photograph and sometimes the adventure of getting there. I feel like the very first time we were on the island of Kauai.




“We would not have found these places on our own”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 17, 2011


We took the Light Hiking photo tour with Scott as our guide. Many places he took us to we would not have been

able to find on our own, and even if we did find them, it would have taken us hours. All of the areas we went to

were public, but some were not plainly marked. The beaches were stunning and we were allowed enough time

to take all of the pictures we wanted. Kauai Photo Tours is definitely work every penny. Just be prepared, if you

take the Light Hiking Tour, be prepared to do some real hiking! Some of the trails are steep and the footing can

be a little slippery.




5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 14, 2011


Wanted to thank Kauai Photo Tours and our guide Levi for a wonderful day. I enjoyed the beautful places we

went to, and the photo tips and knowledge Levi gave us all. My sister in law who lives on the beautiful island of

Kauai joined me in this adventure. She is a photographer who hasn't visited these areas in a few years, and

enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I was able to get many beautiful photos that I will treasure forever. I have

visited the islands since I was a little girl and even lived in Kauai for a year. Never realized photo tours were

available. This is a must for all to experience. Mahalo for a great day!



“Wonderful Tour!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 9, 2011


We had an absolutely delightful day on our Kauai photo tour on 7 February. We visited gorgeous sights on the

North and East shores that we certainly never could have located on our own! Our guide Casey was energetic,

thoughtful and knowledgeable of both the sights and tips for accomplishing optimum photo shots. We would have

missed so much if we had not taken this tour and are thankful we were able to do it, even if though it rained a bit!

Highly recommended!




“Above and Beyond the "call of Duty"”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 4, 2011


My new bride, Deb, and I were "touring" the Hawai'ian Islands aboard the NCL Pride of America, but sadly an

engine malfunction en route between Kona and Kauai caused us to be 4 hours late in our arrival, which in turn

caused us to miss our appointed pick up time for the Photo Tour #1 we had so been looking forward to. When

in sight of land I was able to reach Michelle by cell phone to explain our dilemma. We discussed our options,

one of which she suggested was to have us take a "special" tour by a young lady named Casey (spelling?)

who was "new" to the company and had been in "ride-along" training for 6-months, but had yet to do her own

solo tour. If we were up for it, we would be her first. We agreed and after a rescheduled pick-up from the dock,

we met Casey at about 1pm and for the next six hours had a tour of the Island like we could never had imagined,

especially since a few hours before we were sure that our tour opportunities were gone as we limped into port

on one engine. After a final sunset stop at the beach, she dropped us off at the dock that evening, safe and sound,

with a ton of fantastic memories (not to mention +/- 1000 images).


Casey is a charming young lady, exuberant about photography and exceptionally knowledgeable about equipment

and shooting techniques. More importantly she took the time to understand our "skill level" so she could adjust her

discussions and guidance appropriately. She took us to some out of the way, fascinating spots (we could never

have found on our own or with a non-photographer tour guide), and provided enough time for us to take ample

images before gently moving us along (we would have like to stay at each site forever if we could). She was also

careful to make sure we could handle the terrain and "activity level" at each spot. She was a careful driver and

the company provided snacks and fluids for the trip.

What could have been a disaster of an excursion day due to loosing half a day to a "slow boat to Kauai", turned

out to be a real treat due in large part to the efforts of owners Michelle and Vince to accommodate our difficulties,

and especially due to the efforts of Casey, our now-expert photographer guide. It would have been so easy for a

tour operator to say, "sorry, you missed the bus, and oh by the way, we'll bill your credit card for the reservation",

but not Kauai Photo Tours, they truly went above and beyond! 

Mahalo to everyone at Kauai Photo Tours!.




“Professional, Knowledgable and Heaps Of Fun”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 1, 2011


Hi Everyone,

I recently had the distinct pleasure on going on a one on one photography tour with Kauai Photo Tours. Booking a tour

was easy and the guys even helped me find suitable accommodation! One the day when I turned up I was made to feel

extremely welcome and the guys knew that I was a professional photographer and were more than willing to accommodate

my tour to suit my needs.

If you are a working professional who wants a heads up on some great places to shoot or if you just want to capture some

great shoots with your point and shoot then look these guys up. You'll have heaps of fun and will definitely learn how to

improve your photography along the way.


Jamie Paterson
Landscape Photography




Kauai Photo Tours is Outstanding!!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 25, 2011


My wife and I began our week in Kauai with a Kauai Photo Tour of the East and North parts of the island. Our guide

was Damon, a professional photographer, who not only showed us great views of the island, but was great in providing

photography tips. We highly recommend this to anyone visiting Kauai. They're great people and provide a real bargain.




“Worth the $ and 10 hour flight we took to get to Hawaii”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 9, 2011


Michele ad Levi were amazing. Met by Michele she was very helpful with tips ad secrets that we (experienced amateurs)

photographers found VERY useful. She was very friendly made us feel right at home. Levi, was not only experienced in

everything he knew but had the perfect personality for the job. We had a great time and WILL do this again. He took us

to places that only a true native could find giving us a better look at the true beauty of the island.

Well done guys... we will never forget you......



“A must do for everyone...”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 7, 2011


We took the light hiking tour with Levi as our guide/professional. It was booked by my wife as a surprise for me and kids

(11 and 9yrs). We all think it was a highlight of our trip to Kauai. Levi was great. We were able to get to see many wonderful

out-of-the way spots we would never have known of on our own. Besides the beauty of the locations we hiked to, Levi's

enthusiasm and humor made the tour a lot of fun for us and especially the kids.


I would recommend renting a camera from Michelle for the day if your camera does not take consistently good photos.

It was worth the minimal cost. The pictures of the Nikon 3100 I rented were so good, that we purchased a D3100 on the island.

Levi was great at helping set up some shots for each of us. With his help, I was able to get some excellent moving water shots.

We are looking to set up this tour as a wedding gift to friends who are going to Kauai on their honeymoon in June.

Mahalo Kauai Photo Tours, Mark




5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 2, 2011


A fantastic way to see to see places you would not see on your own.Our guide was knowledgeable about the island and photography.

The new photographer in our family felt the pointers he received were valuable. All of the staff were welcoming,sincere and fun. I

suggest doing this early on your trip so you can return to the beaches that were on the tour.




“Amazing vantage points for photos, great for avid photographers as well as the rest of us...”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Dec 15, 2010


Even if you're not the kind of person who owns a camera bag or fancy lenses, you'll enjoy this trip. Our guide, Levi, was entertaining

as well as experienced around a camera and didn't make me nervous when he drove. I used my iphone and a point and shoot digital

camera and still got great shots, despite not knowing a thing about polarization or f-stops. We went to out of the way places and saw

some really cool vistas. After a short and slightly slippery hike, (it rains a lot on Kauai) we arrived at a rushing waterfall. We then

moved on to beaches and cliffs and even a church. Lunch at a local lunch wagon with delicious Hawaiian food was perfect (try a

sample of poi or some mochi). All in all a very pleasant tour. I recommend you do this early in your trip so you can get a mini

overview of some great beaches and general places of interest.




“No matter how many times you've been to Kauai, you'll see something new.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Nov 21, 2010


I visited Kauai for the 5th time in November, 2010. My friend and I went on our Photo Tour on the second day we were there.

Even though we were rained out, we still had an amazing time. Scott, our guide, was great fun! He shared several interesting

stories about the island with us. Of the places we were able to visit in our shortened tour, I'd only been to one of of them before.

I would recommend this tour to first time visitors and repeat visitors like myself. I talked with Vince before the trip, and he was

very helpful in suggesting the best tour. Michele was wonderful, and very graciously refunded half of the tour price because

of the weather conditions. Mahalo!




“Thank you for a great time!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Nov 10, 2010

My wife and I are avid photographers and have been to Kauai on several occasions. I was a little skeptical that we would

see anything new on this tour-it's a small island right? Plus, they booked us for 10:30 am-who takes pictures in the middle

of the day?? The light is best at the "golden hour" each morning and evening-am I wrong?? Once again, as so happens

I life-I was proven wrong! Levi was our guide, he not only has a great personality, but is a professional photographer and

grew up on the island! A triple threat of help in taking great photos on the island. He took us to places we had never been

to, showed us why taking pictures at midday works on the island, assisted us with our cameras, points of view, and

entertained us all at the same time! Thank you so much for a great time, great pictures, and your "talk story"!!!



“It Worked For Us”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Nov 6, 2010



We did this tour early in our stay and I'm glad we did it early. We returned to some of the beaches to try them out later in

the week, now that we knew how to get there.

I knew going in that this tour wasn't a workshop, but I certainly hoped to get a few pointers and I wasn't disappointed.

Scott was the guide for us and one other couple on the EZ Tour to the East and North sides of the island. I do not consider

myself a good photographer, but Scott's few tips seemed to click. A couple of the stops we've been to several times before,

 like Kileaua Lighthouse, but I didn't mind stopping again to see if I could actually get a good shot this time. I attached one

of the shots.


Lunch in Hanalei was enjoyable as Scott taught us the proper way to use poi (no, not with your fingers). Kalua pork never

tasted so good. His stories were a lot of fun to listen to and all of us conversed the entire tour.


While it may seem just a bit pricey, I most definitely recommend this tour if it's your first time to Kaua'i. I think you would

find it to be a great value. It would be an outstanding introduction to the island as well as a good chance for some great

photos. This was our third time to the island and I still learned and saw new stuff.

If I were a cruise passenger with one day to spend on the island, I would want to spend it with Scott taking me to photo spots.




“I loved this tour!!!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 23, 2010


This is a wonderful activity to do on Kauai. Scott was our guide and he is just a great guy. I am not a professional

photographer, but I had the best time on this tour. Met great people and learned some tips for taking good photos.

I agree with other reviewers that you should do this early on in your trip so you can return to some of the lovely

spots you visited on the tour.

All of my dealings with this company were great. I really appreciated talking with Michelle - she is so helpful and kind.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Kauai Photo Tours!

I loved it, loved it, loved it!!!
- Marilee.




“Excellent Photo Tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 17, 2010


My wife and I are not serious photographers, but enjoyed every minute of the tour. We originally went on the North

tour and liked it so much we signed up for the South tour later in the week - I think we both enjoyed the South tour the most.


One of the owners, Michelle, made us feel like family and we had both Scott and Levi as tour guides. They both did an

excellent job taking care of all of the needs of us tourists...we ranged from professional photographers who has been

coming to Kauai for over 30 years to a first time visitor taking photos with their cell phone.


This is a great way to see the island as well as some off the beaten path places to see some incredible scenery and take

some awesome pictures, Two thumbs way up.




“A Photographer's Dream Tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 13, 2010


Levi was a fantastic guide. He was personable, knowledgeable, and gracious. He shared his extensive insight and

experience with all of us. The locations were breathtaking and definitely not on a tourist's map. His skills as a

photographer were graciously shared with all of his guests. He had many very helpful suggestions to gain the best

possible images during our trip. The stop for lunch was a fun time to enrich our taste buds for the local foods and

to share our photos.


Thank you Levi for a most enjoyable, enriching, and fun time.

Carol Stella, Boston




“A Must Do To Start Your Visit on Kaua'i”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Sep 30, 2010


The photo tour was wonderful! This fantastic family-owned business are sure to take care of you and show you

the best sites on the island - a great way to get to know Kaua'i if you are there for the first time! The guides are

laid back and provide commentary / history in a relaxed way and help you if you need tips on shooting techniques

(or leave you alone if you are a pro). You get to see a large majority of the island and the best views on Kaua'i. I

recommend purchasing a filter for the bright light in Hawai'i (and you can do this at their offices). I highly recommend

this tour! I plan to return to do another!




“Awesome Adventure!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Sep 23, 2010


Just returned from a wonderful 11 day vacation to the beautiful island of Kauai. My favorite activity by far was the Kauai

Photo Tour. Levi, our guide, was excellent and showed us some of the most beautiful beach scenery I've ever seen. I

highly recommend anyone visiting Kauai to take this photography tour if you want to get off the normal tourist spots.

Take the tour early in your trip, so you can return to some of the beautiful sites on your own. Excellent tour and Levi

was the best tour guide I had during my vacation!




“A Must Do Tour Of Kauai's Most Spectacular Locations!!!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Sep 21, 2010


We just arrived in Kauai and decided to check out what tours would give us an introduction to the off the beaten path of

place's that this magical island has to offer, this tour did not disappoint, in the 5 or so hour tour, we saw place's we would

never have found on our own, our guide and the son of the owner Scott was very knowledgeable on the island and the best

spots for some great photos, you do not need to be a professional photographer to enjoy this tour, it simply put, transports

you to places a first time visitor and seasoned visitor alike to Kauai would never discover. You must take this tour and the

sooner then better, I promise you will want to return to all of the great beaches that you discover on this tour.




“Great intro to the island - beautiful scenery, friendly atmosphere”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Sep 20, 2010


I am very interested in photography and while planning our trip to Kauai, I found Kauai Photo Tours and I am very glad that

I did. We planned a tour for the day after we arrived, so we could get an overview of places we might like to revisit. Vince

(owner) was a pleasure to deal with in arranging the tour, and our tour guide, Levi, was excellent. The pace was comfortable,

the scenery shown was fantastic, advise was given as needed and to the level of the photographer. Overall, it was an excellent day

and great value.




“Awesome Experience!!!  ** This should be your first tour on Kauai **”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Sep 11, 2010


My husband and I took this tour the day after arriving in Kauai and I'm so glad we did it that way!! Vince and I were corresponding

via E-mail and he was super helpful in explaining the various tours and helping me decide on the best one for us. When we arrived,

Michelle was really friendly and introduced us to the SLR camera with the polarizer which was AWESOME and pretty easy to use.


Finally, Scott took us out on our adventure & he was THE BEST!!!! He was cool, friendly and super knowledgeable of incredible,

out-of-the-way, scenic locations (that we would have NEVER found on our own). Our pics are breathtaking (and we're not even

photographers). We returned to two of the stops we had made on the tour later that week, on our own. This tour is soooo worth

it!!! Don't miss out on experiencing these "hidden treasures" of Kauai with an excellent tour company =)




“Fabulous tour for 1st day on Kauai!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Aug 26, 2010


Booked this tour after reading the rave reviews it had received and it was every bit as good as advertised - if not better. Our

guide/driver Levi was great - a local who was very knowledgeable about cameras and photography, he had grown up on the

island and was able to relate many anecdotes in his commentary. This tour was a great way to see numerous (at least a

dozen) "off the beaten path" places that offered interesting photo opportunities. You don't have to be an ace photographer

to appreciate this tour. Since we went on the tour our first day on the island, it was nice to be driven around and be able to

see places that we later returned to on our own.




“Great way to see the island!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Aug 20, 2010


Choosing to be one of the few newlywed tourists to not rent a car, we were so excited to find a tour that was part tour, part

photography clinic, and part hiking adventure. Michelle and Scott were great! Scott had a lot of energy, and helped us get

a behind the scenes experience in Kauai. My wife is a professional photographer and she thought all of the photo opportunities

were world class. We're looking forward to framing some of the photos and putting them up on our wall at home. We highly

recommend Kauai Photo Tours.





“Best Photo Tour I've Ever Taken”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Aug 9, 2010


Just returned from a week on Kauai...and the best photo tour I've ever taken. You would think it would be a "can't miss" to

photograph on Kauai, but the tour from Kauai Photo Tours made a huge difference. The family-oriented tour organizers

(Scott, Michelle, Levi) were incredible in their knowledge of the many "off the beaten track" photo opps throughout the island.

And they introduced me to the wonderful world of color polarizers via my new Canon G11. Wow...what a great difference.

The tours are small (3-4 guests, which make it much easier to learn and appreciate the scenery and the knowledge of the

guides. Scott is an amazing photographer...his shots are all over the many Kauai calendars available throughout retail outlets

on the island. I will definitely take their tour again...next time the more rugged (more hiking) version of what I just completed.


Bottom line: I can't say enough great things about this fantastic organization.




“Great photo tour. A must do on Kauai if you love photography!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 31, 2010 


Took a private tour with Scott Tylor as our guide. The private tour allowed us to go at our own pace and even allowed our kids

to get into the water at a few of the locations. Would definitely recommend taking this tour at the beginning of your stay on Kauai.




“Absolute Must.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 27, 2010


We took our private tour back in the end of May and had an absolute blast. I would highly recommend this outfitter to any

photographer enthusiast or someone who is just simply wanting to check out some of Kauai's most precious gems. The

service was great and our tour guide was even better. He really impressed me on how well he adapted to his audience.

He also did an unbelievable job in helping with photography questions and was extremely knowledgeable about the island.

If you get the opportunity to go to Kauai, this photography tour is a must. Highly recommend and hopefully I'll get to do it again.

Thanks Kauai Photo Tours, it was a blast!

- The Wallace's from Texas




“Not to be missed and go early during your stay!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 16, 2010


Kauai Photo Tours was one of the best days I've spent on the Island (and I've been here 4 times recently). Very personable and

personal, you are taken to beautiful spots off the beaten path that you might never find on your own, even with a good guide book.

Going early during your stay means you'll have time to return to those places you'd like to spend more leisurely time enjoying and

know how to find them. Scott is extremely knowledgable about the island and photography and will even help you line up better

shots and give you all sorts of photo-taking tips. Well worth every penny!




“Great way to see and photograph many beautiful locations in one day.”
4 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 16, 2010


This is a great tour for anyone to take, whether you are a photographer or not, if you want to see beautiful sights and learn your

way around the eastern side of Kauai. My partner is the photographer and took some awesome pictures. I didn't even take a

camera with me, and still loved the tour. Michelle, who coordinates the photo tours, is very welcoming and friendly. Our tour

guide, Scott, was awesome. He is a local photographer, and was very accommodating. Scott was very attentive to the varying

needs of the different people on our tour, and was more than willing to assist people in any way he could. He was also very

knowledgeable about the island in general since he has spent much of his life there. And we loved the cute, little place we

stopped at for lunch in Hanalei.




“Fantastic Experience, Informative Guides, and Beautiful Scenery”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 14, 2010


We had a very positive experience with Michelle and her step-son Scott. Scott was my guide for the photography tour.

He was so easy to talk to and gave us so much information about the island.


Michelle was my daughter's guide for the art tour, and she was indeed as fabulous as we had read. Scott took me and

another tourist to many spots over the island that we wouldn't normally have known. We ate lunch at a road-side stand,

and ate real island food, which I really enjoyed. He was great company and we talked to whole trip. My daughter was at

a site on a beach where she did a canvas painting of the beach. Michelle stayed with her and helped her with her painting.

She was great with my daughter, who is 14. We loved this outing and heartily recommend it.




“Best Actvity of our Trip to Kauai”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 13, 2010


We want to give a shout out to Scott and Michelle of Kauai Photo tours. This was our favorite activity of our trip. That

sounds a little strange with all the great things to do, but it was just so fun! Neither my husband or I think of ourselves

as photographers, and we have only a point and shoot camera, but the tour (and Scott) made it so fun. You are taken

to several beautiful spots all over the island (we did our first full day). We would have never found them on our own.


I rented a camera from them (so fun, I felt like a pro). Scott (our guide) showed me how to use it, and even took photos

of us when asked. For 5 hours of fun, it is a GREAT price, and I now have pictures I still can not believe I took. We had

lunch at a great local place (again, I would have never known of) and tried taro smoothy that was really good.


I am so glad I took a chance and I can really see why it has such a great rating. Fun for anyone!


Thanks Guys !!

Paul and Synda Crawford




“Loved it!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 6, 2010


I was in Kauai last week and make the good choice to go on one of the Kauai Photo and Art Tours. The whole crew was

nothing short of terrific. Michelle, Vince, Scott and Levi are all extremely friendly and responsive, and do their best to

work with you to make sure that the tour really works for you. They were even extremely helpful when I called to get

photographic advice for a separate trip I was taking on my own.

The tour itself was excellent. Scott, who has done some beautiful photographic work himself, led the tour. He took us to

places I would not have known about or likely found on my own, but which were extremely beautiful to see and capture.

Scott was also extremely patient and answered all questions without hesitation. He offered valuable advice and provided

perspective that undoubtedly improved the composition of the images. He even asked for feedback prior to the start of

the tour and adjusted it based on what we said we would like to see.


All in all, I really enjoyed it, and would, without a second thought, go on another tour with this company next time I am in Kauai.




“Awesome Experience of the Island”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 6, 2010


We just came back from our trip with Scott, our tour guide and it was the best time we've had on kauai! This is our 2nd time on

the island and Scott showed us beaches we couldn't find, helped us with our camera settings, took pictures and even showed

us places not on the tour so we could buy fresh fish. We couldn't ask for more.

Since we did the trip early, now we can go back and hit up Secrets beach and not waste time searching for it. Great family run

company! We had a blast!




“We had an amazing time!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 4, 2010


I took the custom tour with 4 other family members. My mother, who is disabled, being one of them. Levi, was very

sensitive to this and arranged the tour to please all of us. He was funny, and made us feel like family by the end of the tour.

We all enjoyed ourselves and loved the beautiful sites. We got amazing pictures and Levi was very helpful with ideas on how

or where to shoot. I would definitely recommend this tour if you want something a bit different to share with your family.




“Just when you thought it couldn't get any better”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jun 17, 2010


We checked out all these reviews and had pretty high expectations for this tour. All four in our group are pretty adventurous and

love to take it in. We signed up for a private sunset tour and let them know what we were interested - waterfalls and hidden jems.


We had a fantastic time with Scott, made on the fly requests he happily accommodated along the way, and ended up with a ton of

great shots. Luckily the weather cooperated and we had a great sunset - Scott knew a peaceful spot that was perfect for the time

of year/weather of the day! Wish we could enjoy Scott's/Kauai Photo tours on other Islands!


Yes, it really is as great as all the eviews say - and when going with the sunset option it only got better!




“A unique and fascinating way to see Kauai”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jun 15, 2010


My 2 daughters and I had the wonderful opportunity to take the #2 tour (Light Hiking and photography) of Kauai with Kauai

Photo and Art Tours and we had a fantastic time. Michele and Vince were completely flexible when I had a last minute meeting

I had to dial in to, adjusting our start time so I could take care of business before the tour. They even picked us up at a nearby

Starbucks so my wife and son could have the car for the day. THAT is customer service! With the day starting like that I knew

it would be a awesome experience.


Levi was our tour guide and provided wonderful local flavor and insights into the tour stops while also helping us understand some

fundamentals of photography. He was excellent. Our day was filled with beautiful sights, good company, good weather, and a great

 lunch stop at Bubba's Burgers in Hanalei. The hikes were reasonable, only 2 of them probably -really- qualified as 'hiking' so that

was nice. Levi graciously dropped us off at our condo at the end of the tour, putting a 'wrap' on a great day.


I would do this trip again in an instant!




“A 5 star experience!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jun 15, 2010


If you want to see the beauty of the island, take amazing photo memories and have a genuinely good time, definitely take this trip.

My 19 year old daughter and I took this tour on June 5th. It was everything I hoped it would be an more. My daughter had not been

to Kauai before. This allowed her to see the best spots, while snapping photos and learning about the power of a POLARIZER! Definitely

rent one of Michelle's cameras if you only have a point and click yourself These cameras capture color you won't believe. I feel as though

I have 500 postcards. (yep, we took over 500 pictures!) Michelle burned them all on a CD for us and we will be able to enjoy our

wonderful memories and share with friends. Scott was a great guide and the entire day exceeded my expectations. It's worth every

penny of the very reasonable price.


Don't miss this!





“Seeing the island through a local photographer's lens (literally) is a unique opportunity.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jun 2, 2010


My wife and I had never been to Kauai and we wanted to find a way to get to know the island before setting off to explore it on

our own. We scouted this attraction on Trip Advisor, took a chance, and are ever so glad we did. We had an unforgettable day

compliments of Vince and Michele Taylor who own and operate Kauai Photo and Art Tours. Because of a scheduling snafu we

enjoyed a private tour of the island with our host, Vince, who is a local photographer. You should be so lucky!


He took us to out-of-the-way spots whilst regaling us with local legend and lore. It was an absolute blast, very entertaining, totally

relaxing, and a privilege to boot. Several of the photos that follow were taken en route with the help of Vince's keen eye and

professional advice. If (and when) we return to Kauai we'll sign up for the tour again just to hang out with the Taylors!


Mahalo, Vince and Michele!




“AWESOME - Don't miss doing this!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 30, 2010


Take this tour! This is a great way to see the island as well as take some great photos. You do not have to be a professional

photographer. You are guided to wonderful waterfalls and beaches that you may never have found on your own. Michelle and

Scott are great, so friendly, so willing to share help with anything you need.

We did the light hike, and really enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous spots that Scott took us to. He gave us hints on how to take

great shots as well as giving us plenty of time to explore the areas. We also enjoyed our lunch; the "pig plate" was awesome

and the taro shakes were so yummy we went back to eat there again on our own the next day. It was really fun to have Scott

point out all his favorite spots as well as share tips on great places to eat or visit on the island.

This is a really fun and unique way to spend the day and see the beauty of the isalnd. We had a ball and would do it again

in a minute!




“Simply "The Best"”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 29, 2010


I have a timeshare on Kauai and have been visiting a different island every year for many years. Being an avid photographer

who travels alone, finding the "out of the way" locations is of most importance to me.

These guys are simply the best! Family run, very friendly, ...they make you feel like you're part of the family. Helpful at suggesting

vantage points for shots at each location. Booked two tours this visit, and will look them up on my next visit.

Simply Outstanding!!!




“Bring your SLR for the max benefit...”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 23, 2010


I really dislike most tours...NOT this one! Michelle was so nice on the phone and managed to get me - a soloist - added

on to a larger tour during my recent trip to Kauai. I'm so glad she did! Her husband, Vince, a professional photographer

took me and 5 others to lots of beautiful spots I'd have never found myself, helped us with framing our shots, and gave

just the right amount of technological assistance.


My group was great - all low key (and talkative!) tourists from all over the world with various levels of photography experience a

nd an equal desire to capture the surrounding beauty on our cameras. (I believe we were Vince's favorite group ever???) No

matter what level of photographer you are, I highly recommend this fabulous tour! (If you have one, bring your SLR camera...

you'll get much better pictures and the instruction Vince offers will be much more valuable.)




“Excellent Experience - STRONGLY Recommend!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 15, 2010


We did the moderate hiking tour. Make sure to take a pair of shoes you don't care about getting dirty,. Scott our tour

guide was exceptional when pointing out good shots at our various stops. He made sure we felt comfortable with the

Nikon D3000 cameras we rented and even helped to give us a few pointers with this camera along the way! Scott was

also great in the fact that he gave us plenty of time to explore the areas and get the best shots.


The owners are wonderful people to get to know. Michelle gave us a lot of tips about the area and the best places to go.

We would definitely would do this tour again!




“Photo/Portrait Tour Was Worth Every Penny...”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 11, 2010


I spent a lot of time trying to find something fun for me and my expecting wife to do on our trip to Kauai. I must say I was

very reluctant to spend the money on the private photo/portrait tour but, I knew my wife wanted some nice pictures us with

her "baby bump" so I thought I would at least check it out. After exchanging multiple emails with Vince and seeing some of

the portrait work I decided to commit. I then spoke with Michelle to book the tour and she was very sweet and informative on

what to expect as I had a lot of questions in relation to my wife being pregnant.

Maile was our photographer/guide and she was excellent. We could not be happier with the photos she took of us and the local

knowledge of the island she provided. I was able to get some great landscape shots for my personal collection.

If you are hesitating because of the price, don't! Think about how much it would cost to book a professional photographer for

5.5 hours, have them drive you around on a personal tour of Kauai, take great photos of you, allowing you to take some of your

own, then providing you with a several disks full of hundreds of edited portraits (as well as some photoshopped) for your own

personal use.

Just do it!!!




“Favorite Tour!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 8, 2010


Decided on light tour 4/20 & loved it! My husband even got into it! Michele was so friendly to start it off & Scott was a great guide.

It was nice to be chauffeured to beautiful spots to be photographed (otherwise we probably wouldn't have gotten there)! Since we

were staying on the south side, it was great to get to the east & north side of the island. Scott was informative about the island,

shared favorite spots, was full of helpful ideas & I kept an eye on him to see what peaked his interest. He shared our enthusiasm!

He also was nice enough to get photos of us together (which we never get). After a great roadside lunch, we were lucky to get to

awesome Kee Beach. Unfortunately the weather didn't always cooperate, but made for interesting shots. Also kept the camera on

while driving back through Hanalei just in case we'd get a glimpse of George Clooney who was supposedly filming there.


Thanks for a wonderful experience, that continued on when we explored the rest of the beautiful "garden Isle"! Hope to do another

tour soon! Thanks for the memories!




“A must do! You won't be disappointed.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 8, 2010


I hit the jackpot the day of my tour. Owner Vince was training a new tour guide. A young man raised on the island. I feel

like we got two experts for the price of one!!! The tour was awesome. I did the easy tour and was able to photograph some

amazing scenes.


This tour is for EVERYONE, from those like me who take pictures for fun, as well as the professionals. And no matter what

your equipment, from disposable point and shoot to high end camera and lenses. And for any photo styles. we had a couple

on the tour taking portraits of each other with the beautiful beaches in the background, me who likes to shoot landscapes

with preferably no people in them, as well as some who like to shoot the more abstract and art type photos.

And I cant thank Michele enough for suggesting the polarizing filter for my camera. My photos were amazing!!! The authentic

Hawaiian lunch very memorable. I am still craving the taro mochi cake :-) This tour is worth every penny and minute you spend on it.




“This tour was my favorite part of my visit to Kauai!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 3, 2010


I went to Hawaii at the end of March 2010 to visit friends in Honolulu, but also wanted to visit other islands. I chose Kauai because

my girlfriend went for her honeymoon and loved it. After reading the reviews of this tour, I decided I had to do it. I emailed Vince

who put me in touch with Michele, who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. Not only did she pick me up from my

hotel (I did not rent a car) she offered to stop so I could get groceries as well as gave me her cell phone number incase I needed anything during the duration of my time in Kauai.

I went on the tour on a Sunday with two other ladies. Our tour guide was Scott, Michele and Vince's son. He is a young man, but

his photography knowledge and skill are amazing and I learned a lot. You do not have to love photography to love this tour, but if

you do not bring your camera (or rent one from Michele, which is what I recommend), you will reget it. Basically, you will be driven

around Kauai to isolated locations to see some of the worlds most beautiful beaches. There is some hiking to get to beaches, but the

hiking is not so strenuous that people who don't usually hike (like me) cannot do it.

What I love about the tour is that there is no real schedule in the sense that you can spend as much or as little time at each location.

You basically have 5 hours and can use those 5 hours the way you want them.
I do not own a SLR digital camera so I rented one from Michele for a reasonable 34.00. If you bring your own memory card, there

are no additional fees, if you don't bring your own memory card, it is only 10.00 to put your pictures on a disk. During my tour, I

took 436 pictures and love all of them.

I would take this tour again when I return to Kauai and would pay for this before paying for the helicopter ride around Kauai, which I

also did, but the photography tour allows you to get up close and personal with the sights where the helicopter tour just flies over the

very sights you are hiking to!




“A great way to spend part of your day.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 30, 2010


After coming to the Island since 1988 we were looking to spend time finding things we had not done before. This tour was a

wonderful highlight. We took the longer hike tour and absolutely enjoyed it. They are a family business that treats its guests

like part of the family. We saw new beaches and vistas that we had not seen before and had the chance to take some incredible


If you are a first time visitor or have been there more times than you can count this is certainly a must do. No special photo skills

are needed to take some great pictures and to enjoy some incredible beaches and special secret spots.




“Such a rewarding tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 26, 2010


I am usually not a "joiner" or tour taker but having struggled with the lack of signage on Maui last year, I knew that things would

be no different in finding the beaches in Kauai. I love photography and combined with a bit of hiking made for a rewarding tour

and an enjoyable day. As I suspected, our guide Maile took us to some fairly remote and difficult to locate beaches giving us the

opportunity to get a feel for the lay of the land as well as some spectacular photo opportunities. She was so knowledgeable about

the East and North shore as she has spent all of her life there.

She was willing to give us as little or as much feedback about photography as we wanted. We ultimately shared one of our lenses

with her during the tour and it was fun to see her reaction to using a new piece of equipment (she decided that she had to have a l

ens like ours!) This is not a photography 101 training course but an opportunity to see the island's natural treasures through the

eyes of someone that has seen these places thousands of times and still finds them beautiful, intriguing, photo worthy and ever


Michelle was so gracious and we enjoyed chatting with her at length. We later met Vince at the taro fields in Hanalei and he couldn't

have been nicer. This group is a class act....don't miss it!




“A very worthwhile experience”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 22, 2010


Two of us took the EZ Photo Tour in early April 2010. We had a great time and visited many beautiful beaches. Our guide, Scott,

was knowledgeable and personable. The EZ tour was totally as advertised with only minimal hiking to get to the photo spots. One

beach did require a bit of a hike down a path (about 100' total drop), but Scott warned of the slippery spots ahead of time and we

made it without difficulty. We started back ahead of the younger tour participants and had no problems getting back up the hill.

The climb was well worth it.


As much photographic help as you wanted was available, but Scott did not force his suggestions on us. We would recommend

 this tour very highly to anyone wanting to take some great pictures of some beautiful beaches, some of which are off the well-worn

tourist trail on Kauai.




“Best way to see all of the hidden parts of the island!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 19, 2010


We took the "Drive and Light Hike" tour on our 4th day on the island, and thought it was great and well worth it! Michelle set up

the tour for us, and she ended up helping us with something that went above and beyond what we would ever expect a business

 to do for us. Thank you so much Michelle for keeping us stress free!


Scott was our tour guide, and he did a great job answering our questions and being patient. Thanks Scott :) As for the tour itself:

make sure to wear shoes with good tread, since there was a lot of steep hiking (we did take the hiking tour so obviously dress the

part). The hikes took us to many secluded beaches- something we never would have seen nor been able to find on our own. We

also hiked to a waterfall, which was great. The tour consisted of a group of 4 (another couple along with ourselves), and it felt very



Scott took us to a local place for lunch which served the most amazing taro smoothies. We ended up getting hooked, and now have

MAJOR taro cravings! So yummy and healthy! Overall the tour was just plain great. Seeing all of the hidden gems of Kauai with a

tour guide was so worth it! Go ahead and book a tour, it will be worth every penny.




“Amazing, highly recommend this tour!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 15, 2010


We decided to do the Kauai Photo tour on the first day of our Kauai vacation to familiarize us with the island, hit as much as we

could at once and get some great photos. We did just that. The tour was amazing. Mylee was our tour guide and we think the world of her!

While on the tour, my husband dropped our rental car key. Mylee went back to the location where we thought he dropped it, out of her

way for us just to check. It wasn't there but on a later tour (4 days later) she spotted the keys in a tree and called us to let us know!

We saw some beautiful beaches and hiked into some places that I'm not sure we would have found alone. Also by having a local tour

guide, we saved so much time trying to find all of these different locations.

We took our 12-year old daughter on the tour also. She loved it and took some beautiful pictures.

Thank you very much to our Kauai Photo Ohana for an experience we will remember for a lifetime!




“Great Tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 15, 2010


This a great tour for amateur and serious photographer alike. I have been visiting Kauai for over 13 years for a week each

time and thought I had been every where on the island but this tour took me to places that I had not been to. I am what would

be considered a advanced / professional photographer and this tour was good for photographers that wanted to shoot with

disposable cameras to high end digital. I had a great time on this tour. The pace of the tour also did not leave you wiped out at

the end of the day. It is also a good tour for people who just want to see some of the places that are the best sights of Kauai where

the mass of tourists tend not to go.




“Wonderful tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 12, 2010


I usually don't participate in tours, as I prefer to roam freely, but I'm glad I took part in this one, because in Kauai many beautiful

beaches and other sights are poorly marked. Scott took us to to places I would never have reached on my own. He is very

knowledgeable about photography and will give you good advise if you ask, but will not preach to you how or what you should

photograph. He also took us to a great local eatery, and suggested some others that we visited later and enjoyed very much.


You will see and taste and learn a lot more about Kauai in this tour than if you were driving on your own.




“Great first day on Kauai”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 5, 2010


My husband and I had never been to Kauai and wanted to visit some good spots, and we also enjoy taking pictures, so we

booked this tour based on positive tripadvisor reviews. The tour was great - Scotty took us to many great places that we enjoyed

visiting. We did the "drive and light hike tour" and the four of us on the tour were pretty young and healthy, so we visited a few

spots that required some hiking, but I'm sure that Scotty tailors every tour to the participants' activity levels. We ate lunch at a

local place that was very good.


Michelle was great to work with in setting up the tour. We would recommend this activity to anyone visiting Kauai, and recommend

doing it at the beginning of your trip in order to see many different sites.




“Not just for avid photographers”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 29, 2010



We spent an enjoyable day with Scott touring beautiful beaches and other scenic sites. There were 5 people in our group of v

arying skill. Whether you're a point and shoot photographer (like me) or a photo enthusiast who wants to sharpen their skills on

 their DSLR, this is an opportunity not to be missed. For those who want to try a DSLR with a polarizing lens, rental is available.


Scott was patient and relaxed. He showed us some of the most beautiful places to photograph and some of the hidden places that

we would not have found on our own. Scott was skillful in being attentive to everyone on the tour. He spent time with us as we needed

(sharing tips and perspective) and then allowed us to explore and experiment on our own.


We highly recommend taking a photo tour with Hawaiian Landmark. You get the best of both worlds - you get to see the beautiful

sites in Kauai while having an expert in photography available to guide you taking great pictures




“Great Photo Tour”

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 22, 2010


Went on the hiking/driving tour. About 5 hours. Vince was the tour driver/host. He drove us to many locations. Some of the photos

are posted below. I have been coming to Kauai for almost 30 years and have only recently taken up photography seriously. I thought

Vince's choices of location was excellent and appropriate for the small group I was in. There were only 2 other guests and we all got

along well. Pace was pretty relaxed and I didn't feel hurried. Vince offered some suggestions for angles/shots that was pretty good.


All 3 of us guests were already pretty proficient photographers so there wasn't much need for technical instruction nor did we have

the expectation that there would be any. I thought the combination of choice and number of locations along with the other suggestions

Vince made were appropriate and the tour certainly met my expectations.

My advice is to take the tour and pay attention to the suggestions they give you as they are appropriate and reflect the lessons that

these locals have learned over the years they have been shooting this island.

Well done guys.




“This photo op tour was fun , beautiful, and helpful.”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 22, 2010


My friend and I went on this photo tour of Kauai and our guide Scott Tylor was so helpful, knew a lot of interesting information

about the place he took us to see, and was very helpful in teaching us how to take better photos.

The owner of the business, Michele Tylor was so kind and generous. She gave us bookmarks at a discount, pictures, and some

other memorabilia also. We were able to rent a camera which took wonderful pictures. Michele charged up my personal camera

and she also made us dvds of our photos that we took that day, for a small fee.

We certainly received a lot of individual attention and more that great value for our money.




“Best of the Best”

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 11, 2010


I found this trip on tripadvisor and even though my concierge was not aware of it, I tracked it down and called Michele. Right

away I felt like I had met a friend! There was no phoniness in her enthusiasm and her relaxed unpressured explanation of the

trips was most welcome.

I went out with a friend on the trip with Scott as our guide. It was VERY un-touristy, like going for a ride with the neighbor. We

went to a couple of great spots and then on the third location, disaster struck! The friend I was with had a medical emergency

and needed immediate transport to the hospital! Scott stayed composed during the situation and contacted Michele. Michele

came right out with the other van and took us right to the emergency room (the event was non life threatening, so we did not call 911).

She stayed with us at the hospital until she was sure we were getting the best care and that my friend would be OK. She was AWESOME!

She even made a call for me to the tour company I had a tour set up with the next day to cancel it for us.

I did end up going back out on the photo tour later on in the week and we went to different spots and it was all wonderful. I got some

great shots and lots of fun hiking. This was such a relaxed tour, no sing song non stop chatter. The group was really small, about 5 people

which made it extra nice. Next time I'm going to do the private tour, there were so many places I saw to stop in these off beat locations, I

can't wait to go back! Thanks guys!




5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 10, 2010


What a wonderful day! The staff was amazing, very friendly and very knowledgeable. We did a private tour, it was like having

our own personal tour guide. He was able to answer all our questions about the island. I had visited Kauai once before, but Scott,

our guide took us to some of the most beautiful locations. We went to places that I had never seen before, nor would have found

on my own.

On their website it talks about hiking, well my friends, I'm 50 years old and hate to exercise. I survived, and still had some get up a

go in me. I don't even think I broke a sweat. I'll be honest ... I was a little bit slow but they showed VERY good patience.

It was absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend this to all my friends.
Not only do you get some great pictures...But you get great locations to go back to.




5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 4, 2010


Having done a few of this type tours in other venues, we had a marvelous time with Scott as our tour guide for Kuaui.

As an experienced photographer (at age 23!) he was helpful in answering photo questions without feeling like you were

being lectured to in a college class. I had been on the island for 3 days prior to the tour and did a lot of exploring on my own.

I was concerned we'd see the same "tourist" angles, etc. that I'd already found. However was pleasantly surprised when he said

at the first beach something along the lines of we can stop here where everyone else does or we can go for a better angle. We

went for the awesome better angle and it was well worth it! This went on all day.


This is a tour for photographers of all levels of ability. Also, it is an excellent way to see the island with a point and shoot camera. He

was a wealth of information and I would score this tour a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale with ten being the highest with a 3 "thumbs up" rating!




“Photo Tour”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 3, 2010


Hi, We went on the private Photo Tour and we had Scott as our guide and he drove the van. We had been to Kauai 15 times before

and Scott took us to 7 different waterfalls, beaches, and sights and we had only been close to 1 of them. We did do some short

hikes (not very strenuous) but Scott did a really good job with us.


I rented a SLR camera from them so my wife could use our camera and Scott showed me some photo techniques that will come in

handy for years to come. I have some really great photos I would not have had without going on the tour. A great value for the money.

The owner was very nice to us when we got back also.

Carl Drost




“A Great way to See Kauai!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 3, 2010


From the first time I spoke with Michelle for reservations for my wife and I, I had a feeling this was going to be a cool opportunity.

The day of the tour, we were greeted by Michelle and her staff. Warm smiles and professionalism. We even got a chance to view

their gallery which had some amazing photos. Our guide was Scotte. Scotte is a fountain of information about the island and the

cameras. He took us to locations that we thought were just dirt roads. But, at the end of those dirt roads were beautiful scenes

that one would feel compelled to capture with their camera.


If you have a questions, ask and Scotte is more than happy to help and enlighten. They are there to help you get the shot you want.

Will I use Hawaiian Landmark Images again? Of course. Aside from being introduced to a beautiful island through the eyes of the

camera lens, I feel my wife and I made some new friends too.




5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 24, 2010


Just finished the tour yesterday and loved it. We were taken to places I probably wouldn’t have found alone on a map and it gave

me 5 solid hours of improving my photography skills. Scott was very helpful in giving tips but also left you alone to do your own

thing. It wasn’t a ridged and structured tour where you must be in the van in exactly 10 min. Very relaxed and no pressure and

everyone who loves to take photos whether you are a beginner or pro the last thing you want is pressure. As I said Scott gave

great tips but this is not a class. You will not be told to take this shot at this iso, shutter speed and aperture. If you are a beginner

use the tips and practise, practise practise. It’s the only way to become a better photographer. If you’re a pro you will enjoy the

hidden locations and the flexibility of the tour.




“THE #1 thing to do on Kauai!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 17, 2010


The photo tour was hands-down the very best time and money spent during our Kauai visit. With phenominal weather, Scott

took us on five hours of little-known locations and was a great coach to help us get the most awesome photographs. He kept

us on track to be sure we had enough time to make as many stops as possible.


We started with a stunning visit to Mount Waiʻaleʻale, one of the wettest spot on earth. On this particular day, the weather spirits

shined on us and a bright blue, cloudless sky framed the peak which is rarely seen due to persistent cloud cover on most days.

We have several remarkable photos of the volcano's crater reflecting on the surface of the Wailua reservoir.


Mountains, beaches, beautiful taro fields... OK, I could go on for a while, but you should experience this for yourself.

Go. Just, go. It is breathtaking, beautiful - an excellent tour. (Lunch - a very unsual spot was just one of the delightful highlights

of the day.)




“Absolutely awesome!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 15, 2010



My mom and I looked at both of our options and neither one of them seem correct. I am a professional equine photographer and

my mom knows nothing about cameras and also walks with a cane. Michelle was very understand and recommend we take the

private tour. Maile was our tour guide. She was absolutely wonderful and took great consideration of what I could do and also what

my mom could. Maile was very knowledge about photography, and was able to pick her brain when it came to landscape photography.

Where I am very much a novice. When we stopped for lunch I was not able to eat at the place they normally go (can't have gluten) so

Maile recommend a whole foods store where we got out lunch and then went and ate out on one of the beaches. She was very

considerate of my needs as well as my mom's.

This was my 4th trip to the island and there was so many places that Maile took us that I never even knew existed! I can't say enough

good things about this tour, my one complaint was that it wasn't nearly long enough and we ran out of time! (They do give you 5 1/2

hours) To be honest if we were not leaving the next day we probably would have taken another tour to do the other side of the island.


Maile however did give me a list of other locations to go to, which I did the following day before we left. I definitely recommend a private tour.




“A Birthday in Paradise! Kauai, Hawaii”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 14, 2010


The perfect 40th birthday gift from my husband. Michele and Vince were wonderful to "cater" our day, planning the perfect day.

Maile was our own personal photographer for the day. She took us to fabulous hidden sites and took photos of us. We could not

be more pleased. Her work is incredible, her talent is amazing and her patience is amazing. I will never forget turning 40 on the

beautiful island of Kauai. Thanks to this amazing company for their knowledge and professionalism. Not to mention they are great,

down to earth folks and so much fun to be around. Book your outing with them TODAY!




“For everyone who loves beautiful and intriguing places”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 13, 2010


We toured with Scott our first full day on Kauai. This was our fifth trip to the island in 11 years and we thought we already knew

everything there was to know and had seen everything there was to see on the island. But Scott took us to one wondrous place

after another, each more beautiful than the last. We asked him to take us to some of his favorite places, and that's exactly what

he did. Now they're our favorites, too, and we revisited most of them on our own later in the week.


In addition to being a wonderful guide who was able to answer all our questions about Kauai, Scott knows photography and shares

his insights willingly. We are strictly novice photographers, but between the natural beauty and Scott's timely advice, we captured

some great memories to take back home. And Scott was always willing to take a picture of us so we could bring back proof that we

really visited these incredible places.

Since taking the tour, we've made a game of finding Scott's work in calendars, postcards, bookmarks, etc., throughout Hawaii.

It's exciting to be able to point to a picture and say we've been there and we know the photographer.

If you can only take one tour on Kauai, it should be this one, even if you don't like photography and don't take a single picture.





“Loved it so much we made another reservation for the same week!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 8, 2010

We spent our third trip to Hawaii on Kauai! We are always looking for something unique and different so we contacted Lenore

Horowitz, author of The Kauai Underground Guide. She graciously responded and suggested Kauai Photo and Art Tour.


We have done it all as tourists... helicopter tours, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, etc. While they were all fun adventures we were never

able to get the "full" experience of the islands we visited. One of my favorite, relaxing, safe, inexpensive, thrilling, and exciting things

to do is take pictures so when we heard of this tour we knew it was for us! In this day and time when digital photography has exploded

and become so user friendly everyone should expand their hobby and find this type of tour!

From the time we set up the appointment over the phone with Michele until the last minute of our second tour with them there was never

a disappointing moment! It should go without saying that since we made a reservation for a second tour that we thoroughly enjoyed the

first tour that much! If that's not enough after the first tour I got so excited about digital photography my husband went straight to Costco

and purchased me a brand new Canon Rebel! We just called it an early birthday present! Our first tour was with Scott Tylor who took

us to some very beautiful secluded spots on the island that the average person wouldn't normally stumble across! This was perfect for

us and the Kauai that people should see! The only thing that made it better was that I could take pictures and keep all those memories!


My husband thinks I am a bit compulsive but I don't think 3000 pictures is going overboard-do you? ha ha...not to worry I did erase a few!


As corny as it sounds my day was complete as I sat where Gilligan and SS Minnow landed so long ago! Now most may not get as excited

as I did but when a place brings back so many memories of your childhood you tend to get a little giddy!


We finished the afternoon by meeting Scott's dad Vince who gave me a ton of tips on how to get that perfect sunset and how to use to

settings on the camera to create art!

I have included a beautiful evening picture that 'ME" the amateur took on my first day! At this point my confidence is there and I was no

longer intimidated by those 'fancy' cameras! Like I said we loved this tour so much we made a second reservation! This time we headed

down south to some equally beautiful spots on Kauai. Vince Tylor took so much time with me and my NEW CAMERA to show me the



We visited so many more places on Kauai that were off the beaten path. I enjoyed my trip to Kauai but even more importantly I have so

many pictures that take me there whenever I like! Vince and Scott both even took time to take a few photos of my husband and me a

treat you seldom get when its just the two of you! We made friends for life with Michele, Vince and Scott and that is worth as much

to me as the photos! THIS IS NOT A TOUR YOU SHOULD MISS!!





“You definitely have to do it :)”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 19, 2010


We made the second tour with light hiking and in my opinion it was the right choice. We managed to see some "secret places" and

it is impossible in light version ;) We've seen a lot - beautiful beaches, amazing ocean shores, rocks, forests, waterfalls, lighthouse

and even whale's spouts :-)
What's more, we made photo tour exactly on my birthday - so now I've got plenty of wonderful photos with me in the best places of

Kauai. And I'm happy with this :-)

English is not my mother tongue that's why unfortunately I can't describe this photo tour with words that it really deserves but I hope

that somehow my impressions will reach your mind.


We spent a great time with Michele. She is very friendly, sociable and cheerful. And all of this except she really has eye for Kauai.

You won't regret choosing this photo tour, believe me.




“Our Best Day of the week was on this tour!!!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 18, 2010


I highly recommend this tour for novice or experienced photographers who want to get some spectacular shots while on this

beautiful island! Scott was a great tour guide and took us to some spectacular spots that we would have never seen on our own.

Definitely a MUST DO! Michelle was also very helpful and so friendly and sweet!




“Your first "must-do" on Kauai!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 16, 2010


I don't know that we can top the 5-star review given by the gentlemen who thought this was the highlight of his 12+ visits to Kauai,

but my wife and I loved our photo tour with Michelle! We were joined by another couple (from Russia) and enjoyed the time we

spent together. We chose the light-hiking tour which we would definitely recommend if a few reasonable downhill/uphill walks on

paths are appropriate for you.


We would have not been able to find all of these beautiful locations on our own during our week in Kauai without Michelle's help.

If you want to ensure you take home photos (or just see) of some of the most beautiful spots on the Kauai coast, we really cannot

recommend this tour more!




“Great Tour - Fantastic Guide”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 10, 2010


This was a fantastic tour! During our first day, we traveled along the North and East shores on Kauai with a guidebook. We

found some great spots - but our tour the next day was even better. We traveled the very same main road - but our guide s

howed us locations we would never have visited otherwise. Beautiful beaches and incredible views! He even suggested some

more great locations we could visit on our own the following day!

I'm a freelance professional landscape photographer - and I'm used to exploring locations on my own... but there's nothing

like a local to show you the best of the best when your time on location is limited. I'm thrilled with my photos from this trip to

Kauai - and I couldn't have enjoyed the tour more. Kauai Photo and Art Tours made a great trip even better. Thanks, you guys!

And I'd recommend checking out some of the gorgeous photos in their gallery as well. Beautiful!

Was this review helpful?




“A must for photography lovers and great intro to incredible beaches of Kauai”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jan 6, 2010


My family of 4 booked this trip with Michelle. There were several options and we chose the easy tour. It is paced well exploring

the great photo ops in Kauai's beaches and vistas. The sites were truly incredible, depicting incredible scenes of beaches only

seen in postcards, etc.


We highly recommend this tour to anyone new to Kauai and want to explore the beauty of Kauai. Scott our tour guide was very

knowledgeable with photography, helped us take better photos and helped us snap great photos of the family in the incredible

locations we visited. You definitely want to bring a good camera with polarizer. If you forget or don't have one, you can also rent

a nice Nikon camera setup from them. Highly recommended for people who love photography, beaches. Great for honeymooners,

families wishing to get great photos in Hawaii's garden Isle. Attention and service from Michelle and Scott were great The van was

comfortable and snacks/drinks served were delicious.




“The ONLY way to get perfect Kauai pictures on your vacation”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Dec 20, 2009


What's the point of spending a vacation on Kauai if you don't get great pictures? The place just begs to be photographed.

The hard part is trying to find the places to get the "Kauai" pictures we all want. This is our fifth trip to Kauai and our first time

on the Photograph tour. What a HUGE HUGE difference in what we saw (and we thought we knew the island), what we

photographed and how the pictures look.


Scott is an amazing tour guide who not only knows the island but knows how to

photograph the island. And he shares what he knows on this tour, including how to use stuff on our digital camera we had zero

idea how to use. We'll do it EVERY time we come back.




“Kauai guidebooks are nice, but this tour is a must for anyone with a camera!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 16, 2009



If you’re a photographer or a lover of beautiful scenery, it just doesn’t get better than the island of Kauai. Guidebooks are nice, but

there’s no comparison to having a local professional photographer do all the driving and literally take you the most picturesque spots.

I took the easy tour which included stops at 5 or 6 beaches and a 10 minute light hike to a waterfall. The day of the tour, the weather

was changing often and our guide Scott adapted our tour to be at certain locations when the light and weather were ideal. Even the

most popular guidebooks never include when the best time of day or time of year is to photograph locations.


As a professional photographer, I’ve taken a few photo tours over the last few years and this one was the BEST value for the variety of

locations and time spent. It’s a fantastic tour for photographers, but it’s not a stuffy technical photo workshop by any means. It’s a relaxed

tour for everyone to enjoy and Scott was really patient to wait while we took our photos and was open for all sorts of questions. The pace

of the tour was just right. Our tour took approximately 5 ˝ hours and included a lunch stop to the Hanalei Taro & Juice (which had the best

Hawaiian BBQ plate).


This was my 3rd visit to Kauai and honestly I thought I was pretty familiar with many beaches, but Scott took us to locations I’ve never

heard of. Several of the beaches he took us to were clearly local secrets, because we seemed to have the beach to ourselves. In fact,

I would recommend anyone to take the tour early and then spend another relaxing day at one of those beaches. After spending the

day with Scott, and co-owners Vince and Michele I really felt like I’ve known them for years. Thank you for the memories and highlight

of my vacation!




“I took several poster-worthy pictures because of this trip… Loved it!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 14, 2009


I recently received a Canon SLR for my birthday. I’ve always wanted to get into photography and was super excited when I found

this company on TripAdvisor. My husband called to schedule a tour, and Michele (the owner’s wife) was so happy and friendly on

the phone (you never get friendly people on the phone anymore). She was informative, polite, and really kind. I just adored her.

Vince is the photographer that takes you on a tour. He took our group to some of the most amazing spots that we never would have

known about. Also, we were lucky in that our group consisted of all very different yet wonderful people. We were all very talkative

and had a great time. Vince taught us a lot about our cameras and we learned from each other too. He also took us to a great lunch

place too (pulled pork... yum!).

Vince was so professional and respectful. He took his time with us, took us to off-road paths, showed us amazing things and also

 recommended several places to eat, etc. This was my favorite thing we did in Kauai, and my pictures (if I say so myself) came

out amazing.

If you decide to do this tour, bring some bug spray (if you decide to do the hiking tour), bring sunscreen and wear gym shoes. Also,

if you have an SLR you want to have a polarizer on it too (to avoid taking pictures with a glare, Michele taught me that ;-).

One more thing, Vince’s tour bus is clean, and he even brings snacks for you (granola bars, chips and fruit drinks/water). I was

very impressed and give this attraction 5 stars all the way around!!! Thank you Vince and Michele, for being so great!!!




“Take this tour for your 'moment in time' pictures....”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 14, 2009


Do you love to capture the place that you vacation like 'a moment in time' that you never want to forget? Do you want to relive the beauty

that you witnessed long after you get back to the humdrum of your daily life? Do you want to just sit back and let someone else do the

driving in an unfamiliar place? This photo tour will help you do all those things.


My son and I went on this tour, and it was definitely a highlight of my Kauai vacation. We arrived at the tour office and met Michele,

co-owner and painter director for the "Paint for the Day' tour and she was very kind and friendly. In just a few minutes, she made us

feel like we had known her all our lives. We met the 4 others that were going on the tour with us and then we were off for the nearly

5 1/2 hour tour. Scott took us to the most gorgeous beaches! Scott was an excellent tour guide and showed us 'just the right' place to

stand to take the best pictures. He is a professional in every way and was very knowledgeable about the island. Patiently, he took just

the right amount of time at each location.


There were various levels of photographers on our tour from a very professional to the novice like myself but because of Scott, I took

some of the most amazing pictures I have ever taken on a trip. I have them running as a screensaver in my office now on an extra l

aptop and I get comments from everyone who visits. Do yourself a favor and take this tour. You will not be disappointed!




“If you're going to Kauai, you cannot miss this tour”

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 11, 2009


If you want to see all the secret beautiful places in paradise and don't want to have to try and read a map while driving yourself down

roads, all while getting lost, then this tour is for you! Scott is a great guide who answered every question we threw at him. I've been to

the island 3 times and hadn't learned as much as I did on this tour. Best value on the island as far as I've found.


I will not be back at the island without going on the tour. I also loved the art and merchandise displayed in their showroom. It's good to

know the person taking you out on these trips is so talented and you can see it in the merchandise before you go. I can't wait to go

back to Kauai, and I'll book the tour on my first day!.




“A PERFECT way to spend a beautiful Hawaiian Day!!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Oct 7, 2009


My husband, Brad and I learned about the Photo tour online before our trip. I was curious because I had never seen a tour like it and

since I love to take photographs, I knew we had to try it out. Booking was a cinch and Michelle completely catered to our desires as

far as date and times were concerned. On the day of the tour, as soon as we walked in, Michelle greeted us with a big smile and

friendly conversation - before we even left for the tour Brad and I felt like we were talking to a good friend and we even got hugs

before we left! Scott was our tour guide and he was great! He was very friendly and informative. He took us to some amazingly

beautiful spots and let us spend as much time as we wanted at each location. He willingly took our pictures at each beach so we

had some great shots of us on our vacation.


The tour was great because some of the spots we visited were places we most likely would not have seen on our own. (An advantage

of hanging out with a local!) Scott took us to a local lunch spot so we could try some authentic Hawaiian food. We had a great time

and would definitely recommend this tour to any and all! Once we got back to the office/gift shop, Michelle was there to greet us

again. She was sooo sweet to us and really made us feel like friends - if not relatives. We even ran into her at a store before the end

of our trip and she remembered us! Now that we are back home, a highlight of our trip was the photo tour!


Thanks Michelle and Scott for making our trip a wonderful memory! We miss you Michelle!!! :)



“If you only take one tour on Kauai...take this one!! And do it at the beginning!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 23, 2009


I am a professional portrait photographer in CA. I always try to find another pro wherever I travel that I am inspired by and would

like to learn from. We are always learning right? Vince Tylor and his son Scott delivered a first class tour with plenty of time for

being creative. I was able to glean from their experience and then add in my own vision. They provided constant springboards

from which to jump. They were so willing to share their knowledge and friendship. I had two challenges while there. #1 My gear

failed the day before I went on my first tour (yes...I took two because the first one was so amazing!). I shoot with Canon 5D

normally with my L lenses, and my wide zoom decided to die. So, I used the Nikon 60D and I WAS SURPISINGLY IMPRESSED.

The polarizer they provide made every difference in the world. #2 It was raining and I wanted sunshine!! I'm a color freak and I

desperately wanted to shoot the turquoise water. And it didn't just rain. It poured!!! So, about 1/2 way into the tour, I decided to l

ook for the beauty in the gray and oddly enough, the beauty showed up. I loved every minute of it.


The snacks & drinks were plentiful, the lunch we were treated to was fantastic. I felt like a local on this tour. And because I did this

at the beginning of our 10 day visit, I knew EXACTLY where I wanted to go back to for the rest of our trip. Michele helped me

overcome my obstacles with her great humor and friendliness. She instantly put me at ease and was so accommodating. Vince

& Scott really worked hard at helping me to see with their eyes. I loved picking their brains as we walked along, marveling at the

beautiful landscapes surrounding us at every turn. I did the driving tour and the walking/hiking tour. I would recommend not wearing

flip flops. I wore my Keen hiking sandals (that strap to your entire foot) and that was perfect. Easy enough to kick off when on the

sand, but sturdy enough for rock hopping. And, if you have a circular polarizer...bring it!! If you don't have one, rent the camera or

go buy one before you arrive. It REALLY DOES make a HUGE difference.


I would set aside a whole day for this tour. By the time you get up and get going, have a full 4-5 hours touring & shooting, you'll want

to rest up for dinner. Plan something easy for the remainder of the day like sitting at the pool or on the beach! If you're like anything

 like me, your head will be swirling with new ideas!! Don't miss this tour!!





5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 22, 2009

I have travelled all over the world and have taken MANY tours on my adventures. I have to say that when I left your Photo tour even

tough we had a rainy day, I felt I spent the day with some old friends. I totally enjoyed our day (even though you know I didn’t know

anything about cameras except how to point and shoot). You two were AWESOME and I thank you for making my first (not last) trip

to Kauai very special!


Hope our paths cross again! I will be sure to look to look you up on my next trip in 2011………..




“Kauai Photo and Art tour - new experience!”
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Apr 2, 2009


I have to share this with people who would enjoy having a local professional photographer as a tour guide on this garden island.

Vincent Tylor is great to show you the the most beautiful locations to take the best shots. He will even provide you with great

cameras or camcorders if you do not have the equipment. I tried the Nikon D60 with the polarizer. I didn't know what the polarizer

was, but it sure created the best shots of the beaches, waterfall. They even provide lunch and snacks.


Call him at 808 823-1263  or visit on-line at hawaiianphotos.net. His photos are the ones on sale in the shops that are already

matted and ready for framing! His wife does the Kauai Painting Tours. She takes you to a beautiful location and provides all the

materials needed for art lovers.




 THIS was an amazing Tour! Scott was so informative &fun! He made the Tour specific to US -- we couldn't

  have had a better time on our own! All the staff was wonderful & REALLY made us feel like great friends --

  Really, even like Family...... Hugs were included! Thanks for a great Day!!!

  Brad and Jess Wright (St George, Utah)




Thank you for the lovely trip through the "Garden Island" of Hawaii. We really appreciate your accommodating

us at the last minute. This was an educational tour for us -- Photography and Beauty of the island together.

We couldn't possibly find the many great vantage points without your inside knowledge. We are taking back

memories with us in our camera chip and even deeper memories within us. They will make sure we come

back to this island and to YOU. We will surely let you know. Thank You Again!!

Scepti & Ron (San Jose, CA)




 God has blessed us with new friends. This was an awesome day for us. I learned so much! Scott was a great

 host and tour guide and Vince closed out our day with a new appreciation and desire for me to get a NICER

 CAMERA!!! Michele was one of the friendliest and easy to talk to in the way of planning! Had so much that we

 will now also do a South side tour! How is that for customer satisfaction? A Perfect Day!

 Dr. David and Kelly Bird (North Carolina)




  Scott did a great job and was available. Loved the different locations, the views were awesome and the camera

  I rented was TERRIFIC! I really learned a lot!

  L. Bailey (Portland, Oregon)




 It's been an incredible experience. Amazing custom service. Scott was more of a friend than a tour guide.

 Highly Recommended!

 Brian and Francesca Lowery




 We LOVED this tour! Our guide was awesome, the hikes were fun and I got some fabulous photos!

 Loved the camera rental w/polarizer -- Now I want one... :)

 Lynn and Jim Shiner (Corpus Christi, Texas)




What can we say? There are no words to express the beauty of this tour. Scott is a great guide. Thank You

for the experience of a lifetime. I will cherish it always.

Melinda Zapier (Texas)




Oh what a wonderful day. Great fun, great company, lots of learning, tips & tricks. Just what we Wanted!

Will come back next time we are here.

A&M Baderski (Sydney, Australia)




Scott is a fantastic and experienced tour guide. Fantastic tour and beautiful views. Thank you for an

experience of a Lifetime!

Benita Zoro (Houston, Texas)

(And Thank You Michele)!!




Michele was absolutely wonderful. Like an old best friend... so very friendly! And our guide Scott was very

knowledgeable. Overall, so many wonderful places we would not know how to find on our own!

Amber KIbble (San Diego, CA)




What an INCREDIBLE Trip! I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the sites -- I never would have found them by myself.

Thanks so much. Scott Rocks!!

Jackie Kozlowski (Austin, Texas)




Thank You so very much for a very enjoyable, fun, interesting & comfortable day! Loved it!!

Barb and Vic (Boulder, Colorado)




A wonderfully scenic and Relaxing Tour. Great local lunch in Hanalei.

Linda and Mike Susha (Denver, CO.)




We had a wonderful experience with Kauai Photo Tours. THANK YOU! Scott (our driver and tour guide) was Great!

Highly Recommended!




FANTASTIC TOUR! What a great way to see the island. We found so many special places that we

plan to go back to for the day. Working with Michele and Vince was a real pleasure. We will definitely

refer to our friends and family!

Scott and Codie Donahue  (Minneapolis, Minnesota)




Great Tour! We enjoyed meeting Scott and having him show us such beautiful photo spots -- THANKS!

Jerri + Shirley




Michele and Vincent, Thank you so much for a wonderful, educational tour. I learned so much!

Gail Killunia  (Dallas, Texas)




I am in love with Kauai! This was the greatest way to see and experience the whole Island. Loved every

beach and place we stopped . Thank you for a memorable time! Enjoyed it so much!!!

Erica Stas




Had a Great trip seeing amazing spots never seen or even heard of before. Definitely coming Back!

Dan O'Keefe (San Francisco, CA)




Painting today was so much fun. I will never forget it. Hope I see you later!

Rachel M.  :)




Thanks for the great tour! It was our Favorite part of our vacation! We will definitely recommend you to

anyone coming down here.

Kim and Tony





John and Marietta




Wonderful day with opportunities for beautiful views and for pictures to help us remember this beautiful island!

Suzie and Grover




Michele -- Our Painting Day was FABULOUS! You changed my painting for the good! Thanks!

Nancy Barnes




What a FUN DAY! Great photo Opportunities. Scott was an excellent guide!

Cathy Kaledo




Thanks so much to Scott for being such a great guide! We were able to visit spots that we NEVER would have

been able to see without this tour!! I also had such fun teaching you some info about watercolor Michele! Keep

up the Painting! Thanks for Everything!

XoXo  Peta and Bob Carley




Great Fun! Loved all the secret beaches. Will have some great memories of Kauai.

Sandy Smith




The Painting at the beach was really great and Michele helped me create an awesome work of art!

Adam Meserve




Thank You! We had a great time with much beautiful scenery. Took us to spots we would never have found

on our own!

Gene and Kathy Vollmer (Flagstaff, Arizona)




Great tour, wonderful guide and beautiful Day! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Dave & Karen

Pam and Mike

David +Betty Ruth  (San Jose, CA)




Absolutely Great Tour! We will highly recommend it to everyone! Thanks so much!

Cathy and Mark Whitehead




Had an absolutely fantastic time. Scott took us to some great places we couldn't have seen on our own.

The photos turned out GREAT!   Thanks heaps. :)

Yvette and Mark Wilton




A great Experience! Will do it again if I come back! Wonderful tour guide and great Views!! :)

Josette Shalet




Thanks Scott, had a Great time. You are very knowledgeable and fun.





My hubby and I had a FABULOUS time with our guide! Learned a ton about our camera... met some

GREAT people... and took Amazing photos from Amazing places.

The Suortinos (Chicago IL.)




This was our 6th trip to Kauai. Yet this tour introduced us to a wide array of new sights, vantage points

and more. A Beautiful Tour. Highly Recommended!

Monterey, CA.




Really Good Time - Lots of good camera advice!





This was an absolute pleasure! It was so nice to have someone else driving (you really don't want me

driving you anywhere). But Scott really knew some great places to take pictures. He was very kind and

helpful. I loved the Tour! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank You!

Sandi Rachiansky  (Toronto, Ohio)




Unbelievable, unfindable places the tour gets you to! Amazing spots which truly show the best spots of Kauai

and Hawaii. Tour Guide is very kind and interested in guests and tour.

Cornelis and Martje Boersma (from The Netherlands)




I had a fantastic time. Thank You for all your help and input. I couldn't have been more pleased. The photo

opportunities were Great!! Highly Recommended.

Catherine Byrnes (UK/South Africa)




Super Day - Super Trip - we saw places we would never have found on our own after 9 trips here. Mahalo!

Steve and Gloria Jones




Great Time, Good Tips on what photos to take. THANKS!

Sue Putland




AWESOME DAY ! Vince was so kind and helpful -- Can't wait to see my pictures. Thank You!

Mary Hopkins (Pittsburgh. PA)




This was the Best Excursion! The Whole Experience was Picture Perfect! :)

Penny (Nashville, TN)




Great Tour! Thanks, Scott. I went from not knowing how to use the camera to shooting Great Shots!

Carolyn (Burbank, CA)




We went to places that I would never of gone to. I Loved the tour! Thank You.

Mary Ashton (Alberta Canada)




My Favorite part of Vacation. Must See, Must Do !!

Phil Barker (Ohio)




Great Spots, Great Weather, Great Guide, GREAT DAY!!!

Harris Leir (Davis, California)




It was an awesome experience J Scott was great and gave us memories that will last a lifetime!

Mari and Chris Evans




Thank you for a true highlight of my Kauai experience. Scott was a joy and our group was a perfect



Teri Mulmed




Thanks for such a great tour. We had so much fun and saw places we would never have found on our

own. We also learned several things about our cameras that we never knew before.

Paul and laura




Mahalo for such an Awesome Tour! Vince took great care of me and little Matthew. Can't wait to se y'all again!

Regina Lee (Houston, TX)




Greetings from California, Andy and I arrived home safely Friday night. Just wanted to let you know that

I put a plug in for both of you and Tripadvisor.com ! Wait a couple of days to check it out. They like to

screen the comments before allowing people to see. it is under Kauai I can't tell you how happy I was able

to book you for the photo tour. Just getting out of the hospital, I still had enough energy to run around to all

sites! I wished we could have done another tour for na pali too. Next time! The drive and shoot in the van

was a great way to see a lot in a short period of time. I enjoyed using the Nikon d60. Maybe I'll get one soon!

thanks so much guys!


Donna Ouchida




Super Day-super trip- we saw places with Scott we would never have found on our own even after 9 trips

here! Mahalos

Stu and Gloria Jones




Thanks for this FANTASTIC TOUR! What a beautiful Island. Cheers from Holland! Aloha

Ralf and Wendy Albers



I took the photo tour with Vince on Kauai, HI. and what a wonderful experience it was! He took four

of us off the beaten path for some truly beautiful photo opportunities. I had just purchased a digital SLR camera

and with just a few tips from Vince I

captured some shots that I'll treasure.

Bruce Diehl




As an veteran travel photographer I am very aware that time is money - and by utilizing Vince´s experience and

expertise I saved a lot of both. They not only knows the locations but the time of day as well.  It would have taken

a week on my own to cover the locations they took me to in one day.  His knowledge of photography - as well as

where to and where not to park - was an invaluable time and expense saver.  Time of day is key to many of these

locations and while one location is ideal early in the day due to shadows, etc. - many others are better at midday

and later.  Vince´s awareness of the topography and terrain was a real time saver and I would certainly call on him

again the next time I visit -  and as an added bonus, he recommended an excellent local restaurant which topped off

an exciting day ! 
Many Thanks Vince and Michelle ...
Ken Williams
Ashland, Oregon





Great people, wonderful places, very good shot’s!

Igor Vakushkin




I have to share this with people who would enjoy having a local professional photographer as a tour guide on this

garden island. Kauai Photo Tours is great to show you the the most beautiful locations to take the best shots.

They will even provide you with great cameras or camcorders if you do not have the equipment. I tried the Nikon

D60 with the polarizer. I didn't know what the polarizer was, but it sure created the best shots of the beaches,

waterfall. They even stopped for lunch and provided snacks. Call them at 808 823-1263 or visit on-line at

hawaiianphotos.net. Their photos are the ones on sale in the shops that are already matted and ready for framing!

His wife does the Kauai Painting Tours. She takes you to a beautiful location and provides all the materials needed

for art lovers.

Donna and Andy




The tour was amazing. Scott was a great guide and made the tour so much worthwhile! You guys rock!  

Garnell Ishec




We enjoyed seeing the true beauty of Kauai. We also enjoyed having Scott as our guide. He did a great job

and we enjoyed the whole experience so much! Thanks

Jeff and Sheila




My husband I and were given a trip to Kauai as a gift. He has terminal cancer. We booked this tour hoping to see

a few nice places. I actually thought it was only 3 hours long for some reason. But it was so much better than we

ever imagined. It was serene, it was so very pretty and it was magical. Our group was only 4 people. The tour was

over 5 hours and we will never, ever forget it. Plus we loved the other couple (Jane and Rick) from England that went

with us. They were the nicest people. We also took some fabulous photos.

Mark and Christina Botai




We wanted to tell everybody to take this tour. My wife told a group at the Kilauea litehouse about the tour and how great

it was. I think I embarrassed our photographer Vince. Lunch was good and the views were BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexander Hunt




I would recommend this tour for anybody that wants to see many Kauai places. My husband and me have

been coming to Kauai every year for 10 years. And most of the places we were taken to I had never seen before.

Thank you Vince and Michele for such a wonderful time!!! I rented the nikon camera  for the tour and my pics were

awesome.I want to buy that camera now.





Thank you so much for this tour! It was so fun and absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed every stop! Thank you so much Scott!

You were such a great guide!

Alyssa Stas




We truly saw more places than when we took a helicopter tour! It was really nice. I'm in a wheelchair, and our photographer

guide, Vince,  took pictures for me and my assistant! They were beautiful!!!! We had a great Hawaiian lunch as well and I

bought extra to take to my hotel. The whole thing was fantastic.






My name is Dave Nitsche. I am a professional Fine-Art photographer from Ohio. I’ve always found traveling daunting

when trying to find great spots for scenic pictures. Usually my time is limited, the surroundings are unfamiliar and I end

up hitting all the places that everyone else does. When I went to Kauai recently, this time I decided to go out with Vince

for the day with my fiance. Next thing I know we're finding all these little out of the way places that no tourist in the world

would ever find! One place after another. The man knows the Island like the back of his hand and allowed me to get some

shots that you just don’t see everyday. Vince is funny, witty and you feel comfortable with him the second you meet him. 

Yeah, you can just go it on your own and take the same pictures that everyone else in the world does when visiting the

Islands, or you can spend some time with Vince's Kauai Photo Tour and see parts of Hawaii that truly show it’s majesty

and beauty! It’s like having 11 years of living on the islands at your fingertips the second you land on this beautiful island

and have him show you around! Thanks for a great tour Vince!

Dave Nitsche






My name is Glen Carner and I am the owner and operator of HawaiiPictures.com and HawaiiArt.com. Both sites are the

online leaders in their respective niches and feature photography by Vincent Khoury Tylor. 

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "where are these pictures taken" and, "how can we see this area?"

Unfortunately many of these locations are inaccessible to tourists and I must refer to guidebooks and maps which is not

always helpful to first time visitors. 


Finally, I have the opportunity to not only sell for the local photographers online, but to support local businesses by offering

our visitors the opportunity to experience the images and locations they see online first-hand with Kauai Photos and Art Tours. 

Kauai Photos and Art Tours is the service that ties our online business into the physical nature of Hawaii. No service exists

that is so perfectly targeted to our 4000 daily visitors and can convert those visitors into tourists to our islands. 

I look forward to Kauai Photos and Art Tours new business so we can increase the number of visitors to Kauai in addition

to showing them great images online of what's in store during there vacation. We look forward to being a part of their marketing


Mahalo Nui,

Glen Carner





 As a freelance stock photographer and photo editor for Webshots.com (one of the largest photo websites on the internet),

I have come to appreciate the importance of being at the right place at the right time. Just like with real estate, location is

everything, but to a photographer capturing the location in the best light is critical.


I had the pleasure to visit Kauai for the first time in 2003 and while I had poured over numerous guidebooks beforehand to

plan my visit, I was immediately overwhelmed with the number of photographic opportunities the island had to offer.

For this once in a lifetime trip, I wanted to capture it all, but not being familiar with area, the weather patterns across the

island and how the light fell on the subjects, it was clear that I needed some professional tour-advice from a local photographer.

Luckily, I knew Vincent Khoury Tylor from licensing his beautiful images for our Webshots screensavers. He kindly

accompanied me on a personal tour of scenic locations across the island. From Lihue to the North Shore, he showed me

his favorite locations to photograph at the best time of day to shoot them. For any nature photographer, just knowing the

best time of day to photograph Wailua Falls with a rainbow in the foreground is priceless.


Vince is such a wonderful ambassador for the island of Kauai. For photography lovers worldwide who download his popular

images from Webshots for screensavers, his images inspire photographers to book a vacation to the islands to capture the

beauty for themselves. Expanding Hawaiian Landmark Images to offer photo tours on the island fulfills a need that all

shutterbugs and visitors alike seek.

Whether arriving by plane or from a cruise, all of us photographers seek out the opportunity to make the most of their

visit and capture memories of a lifetime.  I am already looking forward to my next Kauai visit to take another tour!


Penny Adams (Cleveland, Ohio)




am so pleased to see your new service offering for Kauai Tourism. As the author of the Kauai Underground Guide

Book (now in its 18th edition since 1980), we value conservation.  It is extremely important to share the island with

visitors in a way that respects their safety and preserves the unspoiled beauty of the places that make the island special. 

Kauai is a photographer’s paradise. Too many tourists, however,  have lost their lives in trying to make that “great shot”

by standing too close to the shoreline in times of heavy surf, or losing their footing on narrow trails in the wilderness. 

So experienced guidance is essential, and my knowledge of your company, as well as the beautiful images you create,

reassures me that you will carry out your mission in a very responsible manner.

The digital revolution will continue to bring many more tourists who will love to explore Kauai with their cameras.  Your new

service is just what we need to be sure they create great images and have safe and exciting experiences.

Lenore Horowitz

Papaloa Press



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