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Our Kauai Photo Tours offer numerous, carefully selected locations that we take Visitors to See, to

Experience and to Photograph. People Absolutely Love This Service! (These are smaller, premium quality and

much more personal Kauai Tours). We help take the time and guesswork out of where to go. Those taking our Photo

Tours get to enjoy one amazing visit right after another to Kauai's most Beautiful, Secluded and Picturesque Settings.

For Photographers and Sightseers Alike! A Truly Wonderful way to Discover Hawaii's Most Spectacular Island!


Below are 4 Photo Tours to choose from: 1- Our Drive & Walking Tour: (Which covers the Most

locations overall). 2- Our Drive and Hiking Tour: (Where we Hike to the more Secluded Locations).  3- Our Private

Photo Tours: (Customized to fit exactly what you want). 4- Our Portrait Tours: (Where we take photos of You). All four

will allow you to Enjoy and to Photograph the Absolute BEST of Kauai's Magnificent Beauty up-close & in Person. You'll

get to See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Experience and totally Absorb Kauai's many natural wonders like nothing else. An Incred-

ible array of Rich, Colorful, Tropical, Hawaiian Scenery, of many types and varieties, On Every Photo Tour We Offer!


Photo Tours Available:   (Please Go HERE if you are a Cruise Ship Passenger).


Kauai Photo Tour 1- (Drive & Walking Tour): East and North Shore: (Our Most Popular Tour!)

This is a 5.5  hour, up to 12 different locations, Drive and Walking Photo Tour that covers the east through north shores

of Kauai. This is the Tour to take to see as many different places as possible and if you are new to the island wanting to

learn your way around. Or, if you've been here before but just want to see, walk around, enjoy and photograph some of the

most Beautiful, Secluded and Lush settings found anywhere in Hawaii (or in the World for that matter), located throughout

these famous East and North sides of the Garden Isle. You will get to explore & photograph each location including many

off-the-beaten-path gorgeous settings. This Kauai Tour Truly is 'A Stroll Through Paradise!'   Snacks & Drinks included.

Price $119 plus tax. ($89 for kids 12 and under).    Click Here To Book This Tour




Kauai Photo Tour 2- (Our Drive & Hiking Tour): East and North Shore: This is where We Get

Out There!  This is a 5.5 hour, up to 9 locations, Drive and Hiking Photo Tour that will take you to numerous spectacular

off-the-beaten-path, secluded, beautiful, picturesque settings (including a hike to a secluded waterfall). You will absolutely

feel, hear, see, smell and ABSORB some of the very best of Kauai's Magnificent Beauty on this Active Tour! Several short

Hikes & many gorgeous beaches to enjoy. An amazing Kauai 'Feel Good' Tour Experience! Snacks and Drinks included.

*** (Please CLICK HERE before booking to see Photos and Information about the Hikes.) ***

Price $119 plus tax. ($89 for kids 12 and under).    Click Here To Book This Tour




Kauai Photo Tour 3- (Our Private, Customized Tour): Only You and Your Group Goes!

See any part of Kauai you want, mix-up the above two tours (or visit the best of the south-side). Start a little earlier or later

if you'd like, and get an Experienced Local Kauai Photographer Guide all to yourself for 5.5 hours of photographing the Gar-

den Island's Most Spectacular Locations! A great Photo Tour for people who've been to Kauai numerous times wanting to

see only NEW locations, as well as for those preferring to travel alone or with nobody else but their own family or group.

This is also the best Photo Tour to choose if you want more emphasis on learning and photo help in a 1-on-1 environment.

Price $439 (Price INCLUDES 1 or 2 ppl) $75 each addl person. Click Here To Book This Tour

(You can also add $75.00 for Each Additional Hour of Private Tour Time wanted for up to two people).




Kauai Photo Tour 4- (Our Portrait Tours): We take Professional Kauai Portraits of YOU!

Our experienced Kauai Portrait Photographers can take some truly spectacular professional Hawaiiana photos of you and

your family or group amidst Kauai's Gorgeous Scenery! Unlimited outfit changes Ok. Prices include DVD with all images.

7 of the best images can be Photoshop enhanced by the Photographer (Sepia, B&W, Filters, Desaturation, HDR etc) for

$75 additional. We have two Hawaiian Professional Portrait packages to choose from to best suit what you are looking for.

Portrait Tour 1: 2.5 hours (Portrait Photos Only) which includes up to three beautiful Kauai locations. Price $389.

Portrait Tour 2: 5.5 hours (Portraits & Private Photo Tour Combo) up to 10 beautiful Kauai locations. Price $639.

(Prices quoted include 2 people. $75 for each additional person over two. Children 12 and under $50 each additional.)

(Go HERE to see images from our Portrait Photographers.)   Click Here To Book This Tour



*** Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions About The Above Tours. ***



Other Kauai Photo Tours:  ( These Are Additional Photo Tours Available by Request).

Southside Photo Tour - 5.5 hrs with several gorgeous locations from Wailua to Poipu. (Many have loved this tour!)

NOTE: None of our tours go to the west side (Waimea Canyon, Kalalau Valley, Polihale etc) unless by special Private

Tour request since it takes too much driving time to get there, and, these places can be easily found on your own.


Click Here For More Information And To Book These Tours



We're located at 4-939 Kuhio Highway, in Kapaa, (Kauai's East side) Next to Taco Bell.

Check out our Gallery and Gift store too! (All Tour Customers can take 20 percent off!)



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