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                          About Our Gallery-Quality Prints


As the photographer and owner of Hawaiian LandMark Images, I can promise you that combining original film-transparency captures with today's Extremely High Resolution Digital Scanning and Printing technology is allowing us to produce a Fine-Art Print that was simply not possible just a few years ago. Our fine-art prints are the sharpest and most colorful you will find anywhere today. The detail and clarity of our photographs is simply Outstanding. The days of fuzzy, colorless and flat looking Larger prints are a thing of the past!


In each step of production we use only the finest equipment and materials available anywhere. From capturing the images on some of the world's very best equipment, to proofing them, scanning, editing and printing; we use only the best that is available and the end result is indeed Gallery Quality.  And we've heard this many times from visitors, art collectors, shop owners, friends, and even other photographers. As the saying goes  —  "Seeing is believing".


In addition to the outstanding quality that goes into every one of our prints, it has been our goal and determination to make these affordable as well. Other prints of visibly lesser quality often sell for two, three, even four times as much as what you will find on this website. We are able to offer a higher-quality product than what many others today can even produce, for actually less, because we always try to purchase in larger quantities. We have carefully selected and then negotiated with the very best in the printing industry, to offer our customers a one of a kind value. The quality of the Fine-Art Prints we offer you is indeed Gallery quality, the prices that we offer them for however are not. These same modestly priced images available through this website right now are selling in some of Hawaii's nicest galleries today.

We Started one retail store at a time, several years ago. Our Tropical Photography, Giclee, Bookmarkers and  telescope pictures are now displayed in over 100 Art Galleries and Gift Shops throughout the Hawaiian Islands as well as on this website with new images and products and images coming soon.

If you are searching for the perfect wall-hanging, a tropical gift or a beautiful conversation piece, then we believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy our fine-art photography line.

Colorful Hawaiian Photographs brighten up any room they touch and lift the spirits of those who view them by bringing the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands home to you. People all over the world are naturally drawn to the enchanting, colorful, bright tropical settings such as what you will find in our galleries today.


We do hope you'll appreciate what we have to offer and find a fine-art print, a giclee or even a few bookmarkers that you'll enjoy for years to come. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you all. Many Mahalos for stopping by!


A Hui Hou,


Vincent K. Tylor        


Vincent K. Tylor's  Compositions . . .

are appreciated by nature enthusiasts around the world. We believe that you too will appreciate the vibrancy and visual impact of his photography.


Among his works you’ll find beautiful landscapes, powerful seascapes, warm beaches of a wide array of colors, turquoise lagoons, rich majestic sunsets, peaceful blue skies, breathtaking waterfalls, awe-inspiring lava flows, tropical flowers, island wildlife and so much more. Collectively they reflect the rich beauty of this land known as the Hawaiian Islands. We also now have a beautiful selection of Fine-Art Photographs from Washington D.C. Other images from beautiful locations such as the Pacific Northwest, Shenandoah National Park, Maryland's Eastern Shore and others will be soon coming soon.


Web Image Quality vs. Print Quality

To help you select the image that's right for you we strive to showcase our pictures as accurately as can be done on a web page without exceeding reasonable download times. However web page delivery speed comes with visual compromise. The images you see through your browser are from 50 to 200k jpeg files with a 96 dpi rendering. While the images we print come from digital files that are 222 megabyte TIFF files at 300 dpi. The much higher resolution, density and color range of our prints cannot even be properly displayed on even the very best high-end graphic workstations and monitors, though we do try to get as close as possible.


Our Process Details

What we do to create our prints is very high-end and very discriminating. If you're interested in the technology and TLC that go into creating our gallery quality prints, here are most of what our process entails. 


Vince's Cameras

It all starts with Nikon 35mm SLR film cameras. We do not believe digital is quite there yet, though it appears to be the direction most will end up in the future. The overall quality of film is still better, at this time, in our honest opinion.  We have compared extensively.     

Nikon F5

A professional's camera. Built like a tank. Simply the best in the world!



Nikon F100

An excellent second unit. Smaller and lighter, though takes photos just about as good as the F5.



Nikon N70 ...(Now retired)

A more delicate camera, but took simply outstanding images.




VK's Lens




Nikon 17-35mm

f/2.8D ED-IF

AF-S Zoom-Nikkor


Simply the best wide-angle zoom lens in the world! Used for most all landscapes. My bread and butter lens today. Nothing like it anywhere.




Nikon 28-70mm

f/2.8D ED-IF

AF-S Zoom-Nikkor


An extremely diverse lens. Superb lens quality. Perfect for Fall foliage, landscape and close-up photography.


Nikon 80-200mm

f/2.8D ED-IF

AF-S Zoom-Nikkor


Perhaps the sharpest lens of them all. Used for wildlife, floral, portraits and other specific landscape images.


Tamron 28-200mm

F3.8-5.6 for Nikon


Now retired. Some of my best work was captured with this extremely versatile workhorse.


VK's Film

Fujichrome Provia 100F)


Used for some wildlife and seascapes.

Fujichrome Velvia 50

This is the film we use to capture most all of our gallery images. Simply put, there isnothing better out there anywhere, and what digital cameras need to aim for (and have yet to match)! Very Fine Grain and the best in the world at capturing Vivid Colours with impeccable detail.


Our Scanner is now the Creo-Kodak EverSmart Supreme II

We currently own and use the newest Eversmart Supreme II. Simply put; this is one of the best scanners anywhere in the world. National Geographic uses two of the older versions today. As of 2009 we now have the latest and the very best.




Our Small Format Printer is a "Frontier 370 Minilab"

we use it to print our 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20 photos. It's built around a revolutionary CCD line scanner, proprietary image-enhancement technologies and a sophisticated laser exposure system.


All of our Large Format Printing is now done with Epsom and HP 'Giclee' Printers for the very best quality and longest archival capabilities. (100 Years).

These Giclee Printers produce our 16x24, 20x30, 24x36, 30x45 and 40x60  World-Class Gallery Prints. Simply the best in the world today.


Each image is then printed on Fuji Crystal Archive™ Paper.

It has long been considered the finest color photographic paper available and is the overwhelming choice of professional photographers and commercial labs when they are presenting their best work.


It’s a resin-based paper that enjoys the highest rating for image longevity of all the photographic papers made today.  


The End Result Is Extraordinary . . .


Having found the absolute best processes today as well access to using the best equipment is only a part of the challenge in producing gallery quality prints. The other needed element is having the equipment operated by skilled people who know how to get the most out of it, have an appreciation for the finest details and and who know and respect your art.


To that end we have engaged several carefully selected labs, with dedicated, talented, knowledgeable staff; and with these we produce faithful reproductions of visual moments in time that we believe you'll deeply appreciate for years to come!



We truly believe that you'll appreciate and enjoy the outstanding quality that results from using nothing but the very best equipment possible and finest processes available anywhere today!        

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